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Archiving FWF threads for the future

Rating: 4 Posted By: BADADVICE
Views: 251 Replies: 2

There is a lot of information on FWF that is difficult/impossible to find elsewhere on the internet. I think most of us have had the experience of searching for an obscure piece of financial information or an undocumented policy of a financial institution only for google to point us back to a thread on FWF. We had briefly discussed a FWF disaster recovery planthree years ago. Looking back at that thread, user tenken had started archiving all the old threads on a personal site, but it appears they are no longer there.

Anyway, this is a good time to revisit disaster recovery/regrouping plans.

Escrow increase due to erroneously missing escrow payment

Rating: 0 Posted By: zulugrid
Views: 263 Replies: 2

I just got my annual escrow statement for my mortgage through Chase. It was calculated for 11/2016 through 10/2017, and was generated on 9/14/2017.

The problem is I made a payment on 9/18 (just a few days after the escrow analysis) that is not being reflected on the report. The payment was due on 10/1 so it was received well before the due date.

The report shows the actual payment for August, $0 for September, and then the estimated payment for October. Instead of using the estimated amount for the partial month of September, they decided to use the actual amount received as of the statement date. This missing payment is causing a shortage even though the payment was made on time.

The increase to make up for the shortage is trivial but I'd still like to get it corrected if possible. I tried calling Chase to get them to re-run the analysis, but they refuse. They claim the analysis generation dates are set by state regulations and that they can't re-run it. I doubt this but even if this is true, it seems highly unlikely that the state wouldn't allow a bank to fix an error on a statement due to set analysis dates.

Any ideas on a next step for this, other than just paying the shortage and moving on?

Kickstarter to save FW

Rating: 0 Posted By: fasttimes
Views: 743 Replies: 6

Can someone ask Ramuksten or whatever they hell they are called how much it would take to sell FW to the members? I'd kick down a few hundred.

Has anyone notified SUCKISSTAPLES of FW's demise?

Rating: 6 Posted By: fasttimes
Views: 2035 Replies: 42

He needs to be told.

best rollover-ira promo for 50K?

Rating: 1 Posted By: needhelpplease
Views: 397 Replies: 2

401K with a company that has been shut down for years

Rating: 1 Posted By: asstdent
Views: 1426 Replies: 6

My mother just received a letter from Social Security that she has a 401K from her former employer. However the company has been closed for some years. How would I go about finding the Plan Administrator for this retirement plan? All numbers on the internet are no longer working. ITouch Communications, Inc

HSA eligibility

Rating: -1 Posted By: MSfinance
Views: 370 Replies: 2

Hello All,

1. Does getting Reiki Treatment qualify for HSA purpose?

2. How do you use HSA account to pay for Nanny ?


Link for searching Gov database for old litigation

Rating: 0 Posted By: ilan999
Views: 568 Replies: 2


There was a link couple of months ago to check on existing lawyers and cases resolved. Does any one have the link ?. Initially the link was not working.

Please explain how to query the web site with an example.


Alliant No Longer Offer HSA

Rating: 6 Posted By: t0s9476
Views: 1620 Replies: 20

Got the e-mail today that the service will be transferred to HealthEquity, Inc (HEI). The e-mail said there is still no monthly account maintenance fees with HEI.

It says investment thru SaveDaily will need to be liquidated.

At a quick glance, there seems to be an investment option with HEI, with 0.033% monthly investing fee for self-directed account, which in my case will be 4x what I paid with SaveDaily. Investments are in Vanguard funds, but not all funds I considered 'good' are offered. Not sure if there is any additional cost involved.

Any thoughts of better options for investing the HSA?

Best method for a credit balance refund

Rating: 0 Posted By: CorradoJr
Views: 912 Replies: 13

I have 2 targeted 0% BT offers from Navy Federal and would like to take advantage of them by transferring to another card (Citi, Chase, Discover, BofA, etc.) and requesting a credit balance refund.

I've done a lot of searching on the topic and have gleaned anecdotal information that Citi and Chase seem to be the easiest to work with on this issue.

Other research I've seen says to having previous small balance (even $5) helps the process and avoids looking suspicious.

I plan to put the cash to work in my Cap One 360 Savings account and just pay the min payments each month.

Any suggestions?

How to approach offering financial gift to hurricane survivors

Rating: 0 Posted By: catsbewe
Views: 688 Replies: 12

Long-time member posting with alt-id because I'm wishing to remain anonymous.

Wife and I have dear friends in Dominica. A family of wife, husband and two young boys. Dominica was devastated by hurricane Maria on Monday night/Tuesday morning. All power and communication was lost and has not yet been restored, but bits and pieces of information are coming out, and it doesn't look good. By the grace of God, our friends are alive. They were hunkered down in their second-floor apartment when the storm hit and took off their roof. They managed to get out of the apartment and downstairs to break into the (vacant) downstairs apartment. Everything they owned, except for the clothes on their backs, is gone. There are now 32 people squatting in the (approximately) 700 ft apartment.

Our friends are frugal and industrious, therefore had a fairly good standard of living for Dominica. But I don't believe that long-term savings is really part of the culture there. And because Dominica's economy is built on tourism, and tourism is likely to be crippled for some time, it's going to be a very difficult climb back up for everyone there. They are a strong proud people, and will persevere.

We want to do anything we can to help them, including, if possible, financial help. We could probably peel off something like $5k to $10k to help them. That's probably a drop in the bucket considering the need, but it would be a start. I've never been in anything like their situation, but I think I would welcome a financial gift like that. But I'm also sensitive that offering a financial gift like this can be damaging to the dignity of the proposed recipient. That's the last thing I'd want to do, and that's why I have qualms about it.

Once we can communicate directly with them, after expressing our love for them and our extreme relief that they survived, I plan to make it clear that we will offer any assistance they need. If they directly ask for financial help, that will make things easier. But something tells me they will not. If so, how do we approach a financial offer? Or do we?

As for general relief, we have and will continue to contribute money to relief organizations, and will try to find and contribute toorganizations that work in Dominica. But that's difficult, as many organizations don't provide specific information about what countries they work in. And those that we know more closely seem to be directing most of their aid stateside. As for US government aid, I'm not optimistic. When tropical storm Erika hit in 2015 and wiped two villages into the sea, killing many and making scores of families homeless, the US government provided about $10k of aid. Word on the street is that this is related to the fact that Dominica accepts aid from Venezuela, which the US doesn't care for. But as generous as Venezuela is, they're not exactly in the best shape to be offering aid to other countries now, though they still provide probably more than they can really afford.

Anyhow, I'd welcome concrete suggestions on how we should approach helping them. Do we directly offer financial help? How do we word it? Any other ideas on how we can help our dear friends?

Someone made a fake Equifax site. Then Equifax linked to it.

Rating: 18 Posted By: eddierd
Views: 3042 Replies: 32

People create fake versions of big companies websites all the time, usually for phishing purposes. But the companies do not usually link to them by mistake. Equifax, however, did just that after Nick Sweeting, a software engineer, created an imitation of, Equifaxs page about the security breach that may have exposed 143 million Americans personal information. Several posts from the companys Twitter account directed consumers to Mr. Sweetings version, They were deleted after the mistake was publicized. By Wednesday evening, the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers had blacklisted Mr. Sweetings site, and he took it down. By that time, he said, it had received about 200,000 hits.

Continue on New York Times:

Discover Cashback Checking rewards are changing

Rating: 4 Posted By: olegos
Views: 1691 Replies: 16

Got a message in the Discover mobile app. The rewards of the checking account are changing from 10c for each check, bill pay, and debit card transaction to a flat 1% cash back on debit card purchases. It didn't give a date for the change.

Negotiating on Excessive-Seeming Lab Costs for Mole Analysis

Rating: 0 Posted By: ArmchairArchitect
Views: 1655 Replies: 32

So my wife routinely goes to the dermatologist for mole removal and/or analysis. The dermatologist then sends the moles to a third-party lab (Penn Medicine in PA) to analyze the moles to make sure they're not cancerous. The lab results came back inconclusive on the first two moles sent to them, so my wife had to go back to the dermatologist and have two more moles removed and sent to the lab for a more detailed analysis.

All said and done, this routine lab analysis is going to end up costing us close to $1,000 out of pocket (after insurance discount), which seems very excessive for such a routine set of procedures. On average $250 per mole, with the more detailed analysis on the second set of moles costing more than the first set of moles. This is on top of what the dermatologist is charging (we're ok with the dermatologist's fees).

My question is, would it be worth the effort to negotiate with the lab (Penn Medicine) to reduce their fees? Is there anywhere I can look up the average cost of such analyses, so I have something concrete to point to and say your fees are excessive?

Thanks in advance.

Need Advice

Rating: 7 Posted By: MissyLouver
Views: 3005 Replies: 105


I am new to this forum and I just needed some advice on my current financial situation.

I am currently working as a fulltime office manager and I only make (after taxes) $2,000 a month. I have two children a 2 year old and a 14 year old.
My rent is currently $1400 a month (I have looked for places that are less and they are usually deplorable or in neighborhoods that are not the safest. I live alone with two daughters. If it helps, I am in Plantation, FL so that you have an idea of what the rental cost is around here) and it takes 2 paychecks to pay it, I have a internet bill of $10 a month, car insurance of $190 a month, light bill of $200 a month and cell phone bill is $110.
I also have to put gas in the car and groceries for the children. I applied for foodstamps but they denied me as they say that I make too much money...smh.
Also, the youngest ones father pays for the sitter weekly and buys diapers, that is all that he contributes. The oldest ones father just gives her $20 here and there when he feels like it.
I seem to always end up negative at the end of the month.
I have been looking for additional employment and ways to make extra cash and I can't seem to figure this out.
I feel like I am drowning and I need to get out of this financial rut.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea what to do at this point.

(Hope that this makes sense, as I can't seem to get my thoughts together lately)

Credit pulls from new car (Jeep) purchase

Rating: 0 Posted By: JokerzWild
Views: 1140 Replies: 24

Hey gang --
Girlfriend had the misfortune of having her car totaled in an accident (wasn't her fault, thankfully, but still a pain) and we are now going through the process of finding a new car.

She really likes the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and we're going to different dealerships and they're all giving us "the best deal because they like us" (yawn!) and are surprisingly close in numbers. She's not sure if she'll lease or buy but one of the things that we are trying to figure out is when to run her credit to avoid the hard pulls?

If Jeep can offer better than her credit union or bank, we obviously want to go wherever the best deal is for the loan. Do they share the info with each other (or can they?) so they don't have to keep running her score? Trying to avoid as many hard pulls on her credit as possible.

Thanks in advance!

PS - If anyone knows anyone with a "real" FW deal on the Laredo, feel free to let me know, too! LOL

Fidelity now deleting external account links after 3 yrs

Rating: 3 Posted By: jwfatwallet
Views: 1167 Replies: 2

I search this forum for info on Fidelity's new policy on external bank links and found this (slightly) old link:

But here's a new twist from Fidelity. Undocumented on any Fidelity website and (at least for me)
without warning, Fidelity started deleting external account links that are 3 years or older.
When I called customer service, they couldn't tell me if it's 3 years or older of inactive links or links that are created 3 years or older
(probably the former). It's a real bummer to setup and verify links with Fidelity and then have them
deleted with no way to recover them (i.e. have to go through the verification process again).
And with no warning or no documentation on their website that this would happen just adds to
my frustration.

Geneva: 500 euro notes found flushed down toilets

Rating: 0 Posted By: nsdp
Views: 778 Replies: 4 Curiouser and curiouser Said Alice

Paying cash for major medical procedure not covered by insurance

Rating: 12 Posted By: magika
Views: 2326 Replies: 41

I'm going to be paying cash for a major surgery which is not covered by my insurance (weight loss surgery*). Total outlays look to be about $17k. I have the cash to pay for it outright, but I am considering ways to minimize my cost.

- Max out contributions to FSA (I have a normal health plan, no HSA access).
- I've been told my insurance may cover some pre-operative testing, but I have no way of knowing if there is anything I can do to increase the chances of that occurring. My insurance will not for any reason pay for the surgery itself.
- Getting a 0% medical credit card (CareCredit has promotions on this) and letting the cash earn a bit of interest?
- Writing off the medical expense on my taxes?
- I know there may be some negotiation room when you pay in cash for things like this, but I don't even know how to begin trying to negotiate with the surgeon's office.

Anything else come to mind for anyone? Interested in hearing from anyone who has paid cash for a uncovered procedure (even if not weight loss surgery).

*Before anyone says it because I know what type of responses are coming: Yes, FWF, I have tried just putting the fork down and not eating. And I lost a huge amount of weight! The problem is that the biggest loser effectis a real thing: when really obese people lose lots of weight, their metabolism is permanently damaged. There is strong medical evidence some types of weight loss surgery can have metabolic effects which would reverse this damage. I've only decided to do this after 10+ visits between my primary care provider and endocrinologist, both of who believe this is medically necessary. So please lets not turn this into a debate about the merits of weight loss surgery.

Wells Fargo "fake accounts" settlement.

Rating: 0 Posted By: george2001
Views: 834 Replies: 5

New Home construction financing?

Rating: 0 Posted By: letsspendlotsofmoney
Views: 817 Replies: 7

I am looking to building a new home and looking for financing ideas:
In 2012 I lost the home I built in 1999 to foreclosure 3500sq ft 40x60 pole barn on almost 10ac. I moved into a subdivision less than a 1/4 mile away into a nice home on a cookie cutter lot with a barely 2 car garage.
Recently my old neighbor next door the house and barn split off a 1.2ac parcel and Iam thinking about buying it and building a new home, modest 1500-1700 barn style home with an oversized garage 30x60

In 2014 I file for bankruptcy, my credit score is around 725 now but I think conventional financing is still a few years out.
My current home is worth about $225-230k after commissionswould net me about $210k -existing mortgage would leave me with about $175k

Years ago when I built my first home Charter One Bank had a "Home to Home" financing
they loaned me $125k to pay off my home, so they had first position on it,
gave me $75k to pay off the property
and gave me a $200k line of credit for construction cost.
All this was based on me qualifying for the End mortgage of $200k.
I built the house for $160k
sold my home for $150k
sold 1 acres split for $50k
When I was done and moved it I had a mortgage fro $150k left after selling my first home and 1 ac piece of property.

I would like to do something similar but can not find a lender that does new construction unless you are builder.

CURRENT HOME 225000 36000 189000
NEW HOME 175000
LAND 30000

Bank of America PREMIUM REWARDS Credit Card - $500 Sign up Bonus

Rating: 19 Posted By: meade18
Views: 3724 Replies: 39

  • Earn unlimited 2 pointsfor every $1 spent on travel and dining purchases.
  • Earn unlimited 1.5 pointsfor every $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Receive 50,000 bonus points- a $500 value - after you make at least $3,000 in purchases the first 90 days of account opening.
  • No limit to the points you can earn and your points don't expire.
  • Flexibility to choose how to redeem your points - redeem for cash back as a statement credit, or as a deposit into eligible Bank of Americaor Merrill Lynchaccounts including checking, savings, and 529. You can also choose gift cards or use for purchases at the Bank of America Travel Center.
  • Get up to a $100 Airline Incidental Statement Credit annually for qualifying purchases such as seat upgrades, baggage fees, in-flight services, and airline lounge fees - automatically applied to your card statement.
  • Get up to a $100 Airport Security Statement Credit towards TSA Pre✓or Global Entry Application fee, every four years.
  • Travel Insurance protections to assist with trip delays, cancellations and interruptions, baggage delay inconvenience, lost luggage and emergency evacuation and transportation.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Low $95 annual fee. (not waived first year)
  • Ellegible for Preferred Rewards bonus
  • A purchase that earns 100 base points will actually earn 125 (Gold), 150 (Platinum), or 175 points (Platinum Honors), based on your tier when the purchase posts to your account.

Old employer wants overpaid wages back

Rating: 0 Posted By: protomenace
Views: 1930 Replies: 29

I switched jobs earlier this year (near the end of May). My last day of working was several business days before the end of a pay cycle. My final paycheck still included my normal salary for the whole pay cycle. I didn't really think anything of it at the time, as the separation was amicable, and I was purchasing a home at the time so I had more pressing matters on my mind.

Fast forward to yesterday, I got a letter from my previous employer stating that they overpaid me and that my 2017 W-2 is not going to be accurate. They provide an amount I owe them and also a detailed breakdown of the overpayment on a separate sheet. There are actually two overpayment amounts - the one quoted on the letter is the lesser amount and it does not include my payroll deductions. The detailed breakdown includes the wages as well as all of the deductions (taxes, 401k, health benefits, etc) that were also taken from the paycheck. They are only asking me to return the portion of net wages I received after deductions. At a cursory glance, their math seems correct for all of this, based on the number of days that I did not work. The amount of overpayment in question is under $3000 gross, and under $2000 net (the actual amount they want me to pay).

I feel like they have basically done their due diligence here - all of the math seems correct and I can't really dispute the fact that I did not work the days they overpaid me for. However I am more worried about potential tax implications of this. How do I not get screwed over here? The letter claims that my W-2 will be corrected if I pay them back, but how can I be sure? Has anyone faced a similar situation to this? Is there any kind of statute of limitations on this kind of clawback? Since they are only asking for the net amount and not the gross, what does that mean for the taxes paid on my behalf for the overpaid amount? The 401K contribution?

FTC approves Walgreen's buyout of 2000 Rite Aid stores

Rating: 0 Posted By: krazyrph5007
Views: 1139 Replies: 12

Men, are you married?

Rating: -4 Posted By: meade18
Views: 2655 Replies: 140

In order to avoid taking a thread ( even further off topic with thediscussion I was having with rufflesinc, I decided to start a separate thread. In that thread, doveroftke posted about taking his daughter to the ER. In a reply, I referenced the decision making process I assumed doveroftke had with his wife prior to taking his daughter to the ER. Rufflesinc took exception to this comment because I assumed doveroftke was married.

Why did I assume he was married? Well, this is a finance forum and I was just playing the odds. I assume men that care about finance and making money are married. Why do I assume that? For one, because studies have shown that married men make more money than their single counterparts.* There's also the benefits for children raised in intact homes.** I just assume people that care about finance understand these basic truths and are more likely to follow them.

I'm not looking to start a debate. I'm just curious to see if a good chunk of men that regularly contribute to Fat Wallet's finance forum are married, and if that decision to get married was partly influenced by the fact that they would likely make more money. Were there any other financial considerations you took into account when deciding whether to get married? If you're young and single, do you plan on getting married to take advantage of this "benefit"?

Why am I asking men? Well, because when I google to find out if married women make more than single women, every result that comes up is about the gender pay gap and that is NOT the discussion I was going for! Feel free to contribute, ladies, I'm not excluding you. I am interested in your thoughts as well. But my general understanding about women's income is that it is more tied to whether they are a mother than whether they are married; whereas, there is not nearly the same effect for men when it comes to fatherhood. I'd love to see some statistics comparing the incomes of childless single men/women to childless married men/women (that isn't all about the gender pay gap) if anyone can find it.


I need advice.

Rating: -9 Posted By: erinmccarthyriffic
Views: 1108 Replies: 10

I'm in a rental car from Enterprise and since I'm on a debit card I'm the only one to drive it. I have insurance and I paid extra for Enterprise insurance just in case anything happened but if anyone else is driving I'd have to pay 1,000 deductible and just be screwed. So I've been driving this entire trip. My friend is with me and she smokes (not in car cuz I'd have to pay a fine if she did). Anyway I was in a parking lot and I'm parked next to this truck and me and my friends are getting in this car to leave and my friend opens the drivers side door to get to her pack of cigarettes and apparently the drivers side door hit his truck and he hears or sees it, I wasn't really paying attention cuz we where laughing about something. And he goes "Hey watch it!" He was really rude and I looked up noticing something was wrong and asked him he just glared at me and didn't answer. Then he walks over and starts taking pictures of my liscence plate. My friends asked him if we door dinged him cuz we really didn't know if we did, their didn't appear to be any damage to our door but his truck door was full of scrapes and dings already. And she said if we did then we have insurance and he replied very rude and mean saying no and just watch we're we are going next time. Well while he was driving off I took some pictures of his truck and liscense plate too. I'm just afraid that he's going to file a claim and say my friend was driving and I'd be stuck with 1,000 deductible and my insurance going up. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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