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Trust Fund Access

Rating: 0 Posted By: sarrettblack
Views: 292 Replies: 9

Upon the death of a relative, a trust was established in my name. In 2 years I will gain control of 50% of the trust and gain control of the remainder 5 years after that.

In 2 years 50% will likely be worth between $225k-$250k. At that time, my debt will consist of $55k in student loans and $85k remaining on my mortgage (4.1% rate). My emergency fund will likely be $4k-$5k. My gross household income is currently around $65k/year. I get the full match on my 401k and contribute to a Roth IRA, although not the maximum amount yet.

My question is what are some suggestions as to how I should invest/continue investing the money? I assume the standard answer would be to up my emergency fund, pay off the student loans and possibly the mortgage, and continue investing the rest as is; allocated across mutual/index funds based upon my age.

However, my goal is to get to a point where I eventually work for myself and to use this money to work towards this goal. A few of the more standard ideas I have come up with are real estate, angel investing, business partnerships, etc. While I do not claim to be an expert in any of these fields, I was thinking I could spend the next 2 years educating myself on some or all of these topics, so I can be ready to put my money to work when the time comes.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Help - Buying Retirement Credits

Rating: 2 Posted By: Opal123
Views: 249 Replies: 2

I work at a school, falls under pension system of the state Nevada PERS
I can buy up to 5 years of service credits by paying upfront, which makes me eligible to retire 5 years earlier. I can buy 1 year at a time.
I am trying to analyze how good or bad is the idea of buying service credits. I can buy up to 5 years of service credits, wich makes me eligible to retire 5 years earlier.

Age - 33
Current Pay $111,000/year, pay raises by ~1-2%/yr on an average.
Service - 8 yrs in the system already
Current price of 1 year - $19,000/year, increases with age and pay raises.
I can roll-over from deferred comp balance. I have enough balance to do it.

Benefit: Service Credits (yrs) X Average Compensation X 2.5%
Regular Retirement:
5 yrs, age 65
10 yrs, age 62
30 yrs, any age
Retirement benefits have ~2% COLA after 3 yrs of retirement.

Disability Retirement:
Benefit: Service Credits (yrs) X Average Compensation X 2.5%
Paid from the day you are disabled, age factor does not exists, when actively employed in a Nevada PERS job.
So essentially, its sort of a disability insurance too.

Family history:
Maternal side, live up to 90s, Paternal side in 70s

Example: Buying 5 yrs (would spend about ~$120k now)

Will be eligible to retire at 50, start collecting pension from then on. It will be year 2034!

1. Retire at 50 and have a guaranteed income afterwards.
2. Get better returns on the $120k invested as pay goes up and (comparatively stock market yields are 4% avg.)
3. Freedom to work part-time, freelance etc and make additional income.
4. Retire 5 years early and need not be treated bad as a older worker (I see that happen a lot at workplace)
5. Potentially make $450,000 as retirement income in those 5 years from a investment of $120k

1. Not able to asses how retirement systems will work (even exist) in year 2034 and beyond.
2. The same amount invested in index funds can potentially yeild higher returns, (Vanguard's Jack says, its going to be 4% average in future)
3. Risk of Nevada PERS system folding or reducing benefits
4. Have to stick around in a some government job until I hit 30 years of credits (another 17 yrs)
5. Risk of (layoff) not able to work in the retirement system to complete all 30 yrs

Please help me make a decision. I can buy 1 year at a time and stagger the 120k into 3-4 yrs. Is it better to buy 5 or invest the money in index funds?

Money Market Account

Rating: 0 Posted By: bchapmanjr
Views: 285 Replies: 8

Hello all,

So I have diligently been working my way out of the little debt I have and getting a bit more secure with my finances. I have saved up 6 months of expenses (30k) and at the moment it is sitting in a basic savings account earning 0.01% interest.

I have been told that I should move my emergency fund into a Money Market Account where I can earn slightly more interest. Does the minuscule difference in interest make enough difference to open one? Are their better options for emergency funds that still allow the liquidity incase I need to pull some out?


Alternatives to Dental Insurance Policies?

Rating: 0 Posted By: deepanshubhatia
Views: 540 Replies: 10

Aren't there any alternatives to dental insurance companies? I am hearing a lot these days about dentists financing their own patients with the help of third parties. Is it a feasible option?

insurance claim on pending home purchase

Rating: 0 Posted By: TedMetro
Views: 436 Replies: 7

A few weeks ago I entered into contract to buy a house - close is a week from Friday. A week prior to my purchase there was a hail storm, but I had the house inspected and there were some small issues, but nothing related to the hail. And nothing about the hail in the seller disclosure.

Tonight the seller's realtor sent an email stating that the seller had an claims adjuster come to the house and saw no roof damage, but "dings to some of the gutters" and that "since there was no mention in the inspector's report concerning the gutters, the sellers plan to put the insurance proceeds towards the siding repairs". It's my understanding from my realtor that they are going to receive (or have received) $2,000. Not sure if that's after deductible or pre-deductible. The seller realtor said her and the seller would like me to come to the house to discuss, which seems a little odd to me.

I haven't had a chance to talk to the inspection company or anyone else, but am wondering what my options are here. I've looked online, but a not sure where I stand. The storm was prior to the contract, but I believe an amended sellers disc. gives me some options if I have to / want to back out (Nebraska). Aside from a principled stand on feeling like the proceeds should be used for repairs (vs implied profiting to fix other issues) if anyone has any legal expertise I'd seriously appreciate an opinion.

What are your biggest pain points with personal finance?

Rating: 0 Posted By: cglodha
Views: 826 Replies: 35

What are your biggest pain points with personal finance? What problems do you have that you wish someone would solve?

Some of mine are:
- Splitting recurring expenses with roommates (e.g. rent, utilities, internet, etc.)
- Figuring out how to invest my money and how much to save
- Figuring out what to put into retirement savings (e.g. 401k)
- Setting up a budget and adhering to it

I have had forged checks written from my account. Is it better to close account or tell them to cancel missing checks.

Rating: 0 Posted By: sawol
Views: 702 Replies: 21

I have a checking account that someone had written and forged my sisters signature. The account is frozen. Is it better to freeze the checks or close the account. I believe that they stole a check book which at least has at least 100 checks. Can I get the bank to find out who cashed the check. It has been over a year when it happened.

Road Trip: Soliciting Suggestions on How to Save On Gas Costs

Rating: 0 Posted By: snnistle
Views: 1047 Replies: 78

The family and I are planning on visiting friends and family in October, and will be travelling a total of 2,500 to 3,500 miles round trip. I'm looking for practical suggestions on how to save as much as possible on our gas purchases. I am aware of the need to keep the tires inflated properly, and other good mechanical advice. I'm not looking for suggestions about what type of car to drive or how to drive it. I already know all of this. So, what I am looking for are creative ways to save a few bucks. For example, the vehicle we have cames with a card from the dealer for a $0.10 discount per gallon, but it is only valid at a chain of stations in and around our state, so we will fill up there, but that only covers one tank. We have another local chain that offers a $0.03 discount per gallon if you use their points card. Again, that would only work for the first tank. We could use Sam's Club or Costco, but they are not always accessible along the route we will be travelling. Also, I always use my rewards CC. I will be using the gasbuddy app as well. Any other thoughts? I have checked other treads, but havent' been able to find this topic in the last 3 years or so. Thanks.

Auto accident injury settlement offer after lawsuit filed

Rating: -2 Posted By: danward
Views: 471 Replies: 9

The offer did not change after legal action began and the injured party continues to consider the offer as the discovery phase may begin. How to handle trying to consider and accept their offer after they have begun depositions. None of the offers have come with an expiration date. Legal action was a way to try to get the court to ask for mediation so that a settlement can be reached. So an actual court appearance may not be desired with the goal to be their highest offer even if it is the one made before the suit was even filed.

Stayed at a holiday Inn and it sucks. What the right way to dipsute or complain?

Rating: 0 Posted By: tantuti
Views: 1636 Replies: 57

I usually stay at other properties and this is only the 2nd time I stayed at a Holiday Innexpress. Had to stay there cuz it was the chosen hotel for nearby wedding. Anyway paid 140.00 per night without taxes for 2 nights.

the room was not worth that price. It was old looking and stains everywhere. Posted are some pics of the stains. I complained to the front desk and basically shrugged her shoulders and said it was full. I do believe it was full since there were a quite few people coming and going.

I just got home and deciding what or who to complain to before disputing the charges on the card.

What is the proper way to complain besides leaving reviews on tripadvisor, facebook etc?

Citi Prestige: 75k bonus ($7.5k in 3 months) ($250 Travel Credit * 2) $450 AF YMMV

Rating: 0 Posted By: yamute
Views: 634 Replies: 5

75k Points are not available if you have had a ThankYou Preferred, ThankYou Premier or Citi Prestige card opened or closed in the past 24 months.

Annual Fee: $450 (not waived)

Travel Credit: $250/yr (can get it twice before cancelling/downgrading)

Update: Teen travelling to Europe

Rating: 33 Posted By: joannem
Views: 1810 Replies: 18

I got some great advice regarding my 14 year old son travelling to Europe in this thread:

I thought I'd give you guys an update since he just got back home! I tried to open a Charles Schwab account to get him a debit card with no foreign transaction fee. I had no luck because they require you to be 18 to get a debit card. I went to my credit union to get him a debit card, nope, you need to be 16. At that point I had no other options, I went with the credit union's pre-paid card option. They have a 1% FTF, but I knew he would't be spending much. They also allow me to monitor transactions, add money via the web and will personalize the card with his name. I also got a new Chase Sapphire Preferred in my name and added him as an authorized user. I also set up a PIN for cash advances just in case. The debit card didn't have a chip, so I was nervous it would't be accepted. So, I sent him with some US cash, a prepaid debit card and a credit card with no FTF.

I put him on the plane and started monitoring the accounts. Evidently, I didn't do a good enough job of laying out which card to use for what because the first transaction he made was a cash advance on the credit card. *sigh* There's a $10 fee and immediate interest. So, I paid off the balance so as not to accrue interest and set up a bit of a credit balance. He didn't have consistent wifi access, so texting him didn't lead to any responses. After he finished the trip (and after he had made 2 more cash advances), he finally texted back that he was confused about which card to use.

Ah well, the best laid only cost me $30, but he had an awesome trip. Thank you all so much for your help in planning it, it helped calm me down!


Social security over contribution - Refund to employer

Rating: 0 Posted By: utalkingtome
Views: 751 Replies: 4

Can employer claim excess social security contribution made for the employee who worked 2 different jobs?

I have 2 jobs with different employers:
First job is full time role and I'm employed for whole FY17. Made $150K, SS was deducted upto $127K @ 7.3%
Second job is with consulting company and I worked with them on and off, made $$50K in that year;SS was deducted upto $50K@ 7.3%

None of these employer know if I'm working for another company. (Each job is completely unrelated and there is no conflict of interest).

I understand that I can claim refund for SS deduction for excess contributions (from the second job since I already hit the limit with first job)

Can my employer/s also claim the refund on social security since they contributed to my account? if yes which one and how they'll get notified? Would I be in situation to explain anything?

Finance or Pay in Full a new Car. Need Advice. Specifics Provided.

Rating: -2 Posted By: JamesTheCheap
Views: 1124 Replies: 35

Greetings I hope it is ok to post here,I need some guidance on financing. I have been wanting to write this for a few months now, but was having problems putting my thoughts into a coherent thread. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at my situation. It is appreciated. Lets jump in

  • I have great credit 795-834 credit score depending on who I ask but it is usually hovering around 815-828 for at least 3 years now.
  • I will be buying my first NEW car VERY SOON estimated at $40k including the tax and license.
  • I have the funds to purchase outright, but would hit my savings hard, but is doable with stocks.

Now the whole point of this dilemma is that I want to improve my credit and also keep it high. The one negative whenever I look at my credit score is the following:1. LACK OF RECENT INSTALLMENT LOAN INFORMATION
There is either no recent activity or insufficient information about your installment loans. Having a loan along with other types of credit demonstrates that you are able to manage a variety of credit types.
Now I have only had a loan once at Circuit City and that was only to up my credit score back in 2007, as I typically buy everything in cash up to a few years ago.
My method is always to pay off the credit card statement in full every month. So if I have a balance due of $200, but my total balance shows as $1400, i always pay the largest amount. I dont know if that is the right way, but it appears to have worked out for me. However, I know that I am deficient in loans.
Now here comes the opportunity, the last 3 cars I have purchased were in cash (14k, 10k and the last a decade ago was 17k). It might sound odd, but I grew up homeless and living on the streets eating out of trash cans, no shit So when I got out of that hole and made a life for myself, I always bought in cash. If i didnt have the money to buy something, I just wouldnt, I refused to put myself in a position of owing anyone, end of story. Thats let me to be very good with managing my money as I know the value money has and how if you have no power without it. Good story, but does that help my credit? No.So conventional wisdom would be to finance the car and use that to keep my credit high and maybe one day, if i try hard enough to make money, this will help me buy a house. So I see the financing as an opportunity. However, rates are friggin insane. 4.x% of $40k? Thats insanity. I have never gone in for a large loan before as I didnt need one and also dont want the pull on my credit. So I am not sure what my rate would be. According to more well off people than myself, I should be eligible for 0% based on my credit score. However, it appears that Toyota doesnt play that way with their 4Runners. So I am probably looking at 2.9-4.9% from what the dealer told me, we havent gone into the sweatbox yet, so not sure the official amount.
So thats the question that keeps me up at night. Do I finance and pay way more money than I should because of the interest in the hopes that it is REALLY good for my credit. Or conversely, do i just throw $40k on the table and drive off like i always have.I feel that if I pay in cash, I wouldnt be doing myself any favors and would be missing an opportunity. or maybe I just dont understand this at all and have just been lucky to have a high credit score. I dont know. I really wasnt ready to jump in yet, but the purchase of the car has been sped up by the reliability of my last purchase.So Maybe put $20k down and finance half for the shortest term possible? Is that even worth it? Is there more credit bang for the buck with a higher amount? the more I research, the more I see conflicting info.Now is there any difference in how it affects my lending status if I say take out a 3 year loan at the dealership and then pay it off in 3 months in full? Does that hurt, help or make no difference?What if I finance for 3 years and pay off at the end of a year?Are there penalties for paying off early? Do i save interest money if I pay off early, or am i locked into the price with interest no matter if i pay monthly or one lump sum. See the TV at Circuit City was easy. I had 0.0% for 18 months, so i paid every month and on the 19th Month I paid off the remainder in cash. if that is what made my credit so high, then imagine what a car loan would do Or maybe nothing Im new, once why i am here.Does anyone have any advice as I am feeling lost. I have two dealers that are competing for my business, but will lose both soon if I dont snag the deal. But I am not sure how to proceed. i am not sure if a car loan would have any affect on my credit at all since it is high. I dont know if it would hurt me to finance and pay off early. is it insane to pay a ton more and finance if you have half in cash real and the rest you can grab out of stock.Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. I have had a rough life and financially have had to dig myself out of a horrible hole. However i think i did pretty good and seem to be doing ok credit wise. I just want to keep my momentum going and make it easier to one day buy a house or pay for medical bills if something happens to my family. Thank you for reading my scatter brain thoughts.

Is the 10% penalty on 529 plans on the entire withdrawal amount, or only the gain?

Rating: 0 Posted By: tedteddy
Views: 802 Replies: 4

I've put about 15k into my son's 529 plan. The account has increased in value and the current balance is at 28k. I plan to withdraw about 5k for unforeseen medical expenses. Will I be hit with the 10% penalty?

Card Strategy for a parent of a to be College Student

Rating: 2 Posted By: ProfessorEd
Views: 907 Replies: 26

I am asking this because the answers may be relevant to others. My son has turned 18 and will enter college this Fall, and has a low paying summer internship (less than $1500 per month). He has been an authorized user on several of my cards for over an year and probably has a credit record now.

It would probably be in his interest to get a ChaseFreedom card now (and possibly others before the Chaselimits are hit), and while he is employed (his job ends soon, and he is not planning to work during the term) and is not yet a student (although accepted for this Fall).

Questions include 1, Is he likely to be approved with a income in his own name that is low?
If am willing to cosign or make it a joint application is he likely to get approved on this basis even if I fail the Chase5 cards in 24 months test (which I do).

There could be advantages in having another ChaseFreedom in the family with 5% back on certain categories.

A similar question might apply for a Discover it, where another one in the family might earn 5% back (doubled for first year), which could be useful.

Are there any other ingenious ideas to take advantage of the credit potential of a child just turned 18?

I could even imagine strategies where he signs the applications, makes the parents authorized users, but the parents hold the cards and make sure they are paid on time (possibly with him doing most of his spending as an authorized user on a high cash back card held by a parent.) This would be most applicable where the parents are supporting him in school and one wishes to optimize the family finances, while leaving him with a good portfolio of cards and a good credit rating on graduation). A son in college would not hit the maximums on many categories for 5%, or take full advantage of interest free periods on purchases or balance transfers, but his family could.

USAA - Are residents of Bexar County still eligible for membership?

Rating: 0 Posted By: fattenmeup
Views: 854 Replies: 5

Are residents of Bexar County still eligible for membership?

USAA previously allowed residents of Bexar County to join with full membership privileges. I chatted with a member of the bank today who would not confirm or deny residency eligibility allowances but would only state an active or prior military relationship was required.

So unless there are other unadvertised ways to qualify with residency or through other means, such as visiting a branch locally to prove residency, then it would seem to me that residency qualifiers are no longer an option with USAA.

Any thoughts or ideas on this allowance or how to otherwise qualify for membership with the bank?

If bank account for life insurance trust bank account is closed does new one have to be opened?

Rating: 0 Posted By: sawol
Views: 772 Replies: 4

I have a bank account where I am trustee with my sister for a irrevocable life insurancetrust,We write a check and both sign it to to pay for life insurance. The life insurance was created by my parents and the children being the benificiaries, which is us. There were about10 checks written out by a third party for about $1500. there was about $6000 in the account. My sister said the checks were stolen. Now my sister will not open a new trust bank account.Mysister just sends "cashier checks"which does not require our signitures to pay for life insurance. If you do not open bank account for irrevocablelife insurance trust does thatmean you must pay taxes on the life insurance proceeds.One weird thing aboutthe life insurance the benificiaries who receives the fundscan be changed in the life insurance by a signature of both trustees. My sister has been trying to get me to sign papers with only my signiture on it. What is my sister trying to do here? What can I do about it as trustee? What can bank do?

College financing options

Rating: 0 Posted By: fatw9
Views: 1042 Replies: 22

Looking for advice on financing my daughter's college education, specifically what order should we use each option.

Cost of attendance: 25000 per year
Transferring to this college as sophomore
Fin-aid: 6500 federal unsubsidized loan + rest in PLUS loans

We have small 529 account with 7500 in it. Plus we can probably pay around 5000 per year out of current income for her education. Rest will need to be loans or from any part time employment she can secure.

Federal unsubsidized loan rate is 4.45% + 1.066% onetime fee

PLUS loan rate 7.0 + around 4.27% fee

I also looked at private loans such as Alliant CU loan at 3.76% variable.

We are thinking about taking the unsubsidized loan and declining the PLUS loan. Finance the rest with 529 plan, current income and Alliant loan as necessary in that order. Does it sound like a good plan? Any advice is appreciated.

getting out of a speeding ticket

Rating: -6 Posted By: MtKea
Views: 1170 Replies: 16

Going to court to appeal a speeding ticket... anyone got a good excuse to get out of it? he said i was going 48 in a 35 mph zone. the ticket has radar and 'estimate' checked because the police car was moving too. i came around the corner. i noticed the car on the other side heading toward me was going really slow. then i looked to the next car, it was a police car. it took him a good 5 seconds before he decided to turn on the siren.

How do I keep this chargeback from happening in the future ?

Rating: 1 Posted By: marcusfan
Views: 1445 Replies: 41

Okay so I have a fireworks retail business where we get a lot of credit transactions. We've been trying To avoid them forcing us to switch to new chip machines because they slooooooooow. Down the process on a busy day but we just got a chargeback on a hefty amount and a re trying to figures out what you fatwalleters are doing to avoid paying those chip fees buy also not get a bunch of chargeback on legitimate charges but on swipe machines. I guess I need a refresher course in how to get the best cresit machines when we only use them 2 weeks out of the year but youse them like heck during those two weeks? Can someone walk me through this because it not immediately obvious to me. Speed of our transactions is urgent during our three week business period. But I don't want to just give merchant providers money just for free. So,I want the straight scoop from the straight poopers. Can. Y'all help me make my way out of the forest? I just want to take debit and credit machines quickly with relatively low fees to my bottom line. That dang chip seems to really slow down the whole process and I make most of my money in three weeks so I can't be jacking around with this and having people just standing around waiting to give me their money. Help me someone,please??? Thanks. Marcusfan

Expat Job - Sell the house or rent it?

Rating: 0 Posted By: expat2017
Views: 1111 Replies: 30

Hi FWF - 12 months ago my wife and I bought our first house. Now I have an opportunity to do an 18 months expat assignment in Europe with option to extend. The company will pay relocation and housing costs in the destination country, but I need to decide what to do with our current residence.

The house is a SFR in a desirable suburb of a major metro. High owner occupancy, good schools, close to several major employers. Property values are up 11% YoY in our zip code, median price is ~$1M.. This is a starter house, we paid 500K and put 20% down. PITI is $2,700. There aren't many rental comps, but I see some listings between $2,200 - $3,100 in the past 12 months.

My income ~$145K. Her income ~$62K. No debt other than the mortgage. For planning purposes I am assuming my income stays flat and hers goes away.

Do we:

A) Leave it unoccupied and take the cash flow / savings hit
B) Rent it out and try to manage it ourselves from overseas
C) Rent it out and hire a property management company
D) Sell it and incur the transaction costs

I've been managing my family's vacation property for the last 4 years so I have some experience with the headaches of dealing with tenants / guests. We aren't particularly attached to the house - we assumed we would be here for 5-10 years and then sell.

Pay Off 0% Loans

Rating: 0 Posted By: daveboilermaker
Views: 1501 Replies: 41

New to this forum so please forgive me for probably a previously posted topic. Nevertheless, here's my situation/question:

I'm being advised to re-fi my house with a cash out mortgage of 4.125% 0 points to cover my existing mortgage of $140K (7-year ARM at 3.375% that I'm 4 years into), my car loan with a balance of $18K at 0.9% 50 months remaining, and two smaller loans totaling $8,500 at 0% with 24 months remaining. I have enough cash in my checking/savings to pay off the car and the two small loans but it would reduce those accounts substantially. Thinking I might use my cash to pay off the two smaller loans and do the refi to cover the mortgage and the car.

Theory then is to take the freed up cash and invest in something (ETF's??) with a history of 8-11%. Sound reasonable?



elder asset protection

Rating: 0 Posted By: decades
Views: 1253 Replies: 42

my parents are 91 has congestive heart failure and mom is showing signs of parkinsons.they still live in thier own home which is not worth that much 75k and also have financial assets around 400k ..They have never done any finacial planning to protect assets should one or both go into a nursing home . Any suggestions on what they should do at this point .. I may suggest they see an elder law atty.

New Woman Owned Minority Business - do's and don'ts

Rating: 0 Posted By: FaxMac
Views: 857 Replies: 10

We are in Northern VA and are in the midst of opening a small, home based business (S-corporation). As a registered architect, I will be providing my architectural design services, but wish to incorporate the business under my wife's name to be able to register with the SBA as a woman owned, minority business. Getting an 8(a) designation will help us grow the business. Not having started anything of our own previously, we are a little hesitant, and would appreciate any guidance and advice you may have. We will be working with a CPA to set up the firm and register with the state, IRS, etc. but it is always helpful to know "what to expect".
Some specific areas we would love advice on:
1) Titles - since the firm would be under my wife's name, we believe it would be best for her to be the President, with me being the VP. Do we need to have a document which states that either one of us can sign documents for the firm?
2) Benefits:

  1. Medical - We are not sure if we can qualify under Obamacare or whatever version is out there. Should we just look @ getting quotes from Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, etc? Since the firm will have only my wife and I as employees, the medical brokers don't seem to want to assist us much.
  2. 401k - We would prefer having a 401k over a SEP IRA, but not sure about the difference in administrative costs for these. Who should we talk to or how should we proceed on this?
  3. PTO? Do we need to "offer" vacation/PTO? Keep timesheets? We asked our CPA, but didn't get a firm answer.
  4. Liability Insurance: Should we let our home insurance know we are starting a home based business? We have a general umbrella insurance through them as well. Would that cover as liability insurance? At most, we may have a client visit our home once every quarter?
  5. Errors and Omission Insurance: How can we find such insurers? The people wehave contacted so far seem to quote about $5k/year for a $1mil coverage - which seems a little expensive

3) Banks - Wells Fargo and Capital One seem to be highly rated for small businesses, and we have them locally. What is your preferred bank?
4) Book-keeping - We intend to get the desktop version of QuickBooksfrom Costco & use it to maintain our books, invoicing, as well as payroll. Any thoughts on this?
5) Anything else that you may suggest to do, or not to do?

Thank you all.

Edited to add:
Yes, my wife will be involved in the day to day operations, and this will be the sole job for both of us. She has an MBA and is going to be heavily involved in the accounting side

Cashing out Non Qualified options

Rating: 0 Posted By: susrivas
Views: 525 Replies: 1

Hi !
I'll be cashing out about $600K of options shortly and have resigned myself to a large tax bill this year. It will push my gross income to close to $900K.
I filed jointly with my spouse and have maxed out my 401k etc.

I figured it might be worth a shot to check with the finance guru's if there's any means to reduce the tax bill. I'm researching life insurance vehicles but am a novice at it.
Appreciate any advice.

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