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Max Medicaid pays for nursing home = $144k/yr?

Rating: 0 Posted By: yurgreat
Views: 497 Replies: 11

am acquaintance of mine wants toinvest ina nursing home in NY.
he said Medicaid pays $12k/month ($144k/year) for nursing home patients minus whatever income that person has (ie: social security).

so basically a nursing home is guaranteed $144k per person since Medicaid will make up the difference.
That's a lot of profit.

I'm thinking this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good to be true else everyone would be doing it?
Where's the flaw?

Chase sapphire no fee visa sig vs Capital One Premier Dining World Mc Elite

Rating: 0 Posted By: deeder
Views: 380 Replies: 2

Saw the new Capital One premier dining world mastercard elite with no annual fee. Rewards are better as well as fee structure than my Chasesapphire card without any annual fee.

Is the Capital One card better in all ways such as rewards and perks and how does Capital One customer service compare to Chase.The concierge line seems to go to a special elite number but I don't know how dealing with customer service is.

With so many cards on the market, would the Capital One premier dining make sense?

Chasehas foreign currency fees, and forex fees and lower rewards for dining and groceries. Chaseis Visa Signature, Capital One is World Mastercard Elite. I don't see any free Visa Infinite cards which I believe is the equivalent to World Mastercard Elite,

Saw a credit union who called their Visa Signature card Elite but there is no Visa Signature Elite product from Visa.

3% cashback for dining, 2% on groceries and 1% everything else on Capital One. Chase is 2% dining and 1% everything else. I forgot the travel % for Chase but I don't use it for travel.

Cable installer damaged baseboard. Advice needed

Rating: -2 Posted By: Retailnever
Views: 663 Replies: 14

Greetings FW. The contractor that the cable company sent to install a new cable line damaged the base board when he used a drill to attach the coaxial cable with screw on clamps. He improperly used his drill and this left cracks in my base board. The cable company wants to send their contractor to repair the damage, but how do I know that the work will not be shoddy? Initially the cable contractor stated that he would use a filler to cover the cracks, however I informed the cable company rep that this was unacceptable. The cable company is trying to get me to accept a ridiculous credit of $100 on my bill. I am looking at minimum 22 feet of base board that needs to be replaced. How would FW advise me on this matter? Thanks.

How to Pursue Improper Forfeiture of Dependent Care FSA Funds

Rating: 2 Posted By: racbowden
Views: 491 Replies: 9

My husband contributed $1000 to a dependent care FSA (I believe in July, August 2016), before being laid off 9/2/16 due to his employer being acquired.2016-2017 Flexible Spending Account Plan Summary Plan Description states: "What happens if I terminate employment? (b) You will still be able to request reimbursement for qualifying dependent care expenses incurred during the remainder of the Plan Year from the balance remaining in your dependent care account at the time of termination of employment. However, no further salary redirection and Employer contributions will be made on your behalf after you terminate. You must submit claims within 90 days after the end of the Plan Year in which termination occurs...The Plan Year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Plan Year end + 90 days = September 28, 2017.
We attempted to file a claim 11/23/16, and were told that the administrator's contract with the employer had terminated 10/31/16 (which HR indicated was also due to the acquisition), and that we needed to have filed a claim prior to that date. While I can see that the administrator's responsibility may be limited by contract, I can't see how the employer doesn't have a responsibility to abide by the terms of the summary plan description, which is essentially a contract. We have attempted to ask HR if funds were transferred to a new administrator, because presumably they simply rolled employees into the existing benefits contracts under the acquiring company. However, they have been very rude and unhelpful, and act as though they have no obligation to us, despite the fact that this is our money, and their plan clearly stated we continue to have a right to it. Their position is simply that all contracts terminated due to acquisition and they owe us nothing.

My initial assumption was that they have some ERISA obligations as a plan fiduciary, but in researching, it appears dependent care FSAs are outside of ERISA, so I can't find any regulation outside of IRS, which doesn't care about anything other that claims being legitimately tax deductible. I did attempt to complain to DOL, via "Ask EBSA," and they did attempt to talk to the employer, but apparently can only attempt to gain voluntary compliance, which was not successful.

It seems like my only recourse is to sue, which obviously isn't worth it for $1,000, but I am tempted based on principle. It's just so egregious, and this unwarranted forfeiture hits at a time when money is already tight due to a job loss. Since HR has no incentive to help former employees, there's really nothing stopping them from systematically stealing our money.

Any advice?

Rent or sale ?

Rating: 0 Posted By: mk26
Views: 460 Replies: 15

I am looking for some valuable advice from you FWers? I have this home in FL which is now tenant occupied, I bought this house in beginning of 2013 and spent more than 2 years as primary residence and moved out to another home in May 2016 which is my current primary home since then. Now I like to know should I sell the rental house or keep it renting ? Just to remember here if I choose to sale before the end of 5 years period I don't have to pay the tax on capital gain on the proceeds other wise after 5 years I have to pay tax on the gains. Total rent I'm getting currently is $2500.00(I pay $300 for hoa and lawn pool maintenance) and am expecting a major expense of new roof (around 12k-15k) if I continue renting after 5 years plus some other maintenance costs.

Here are the facts: house bought at 226k and added around 30k for new screen on patio and paint the house, Houses are selling at 325k right now.
I bought the house at 226k (30 Years with 20% down @ Interest Rate 3.62500%)
Original Principal Balance $180,000.00

Monthly Payments:$1,434.17
Principal $322.25
Interest $498.64
Escrow Payment (Taxes and/or Insurance) $613.28

Can anyone advice if it is worth keeping the house and keep renting or selling it before 5 years and take the proceeds without paying capital gain tax. Appreciate reading about this and your valuable inputs. thanks.

Where'd you get your mortgage?

Rating: 2 Posted By: DigiornosHunter
Views: 653 Replies: 26

Starting to house hunt - I'm curious to get an unscientific poll of where users picked up their mortgage?

Local big bank? CU? Local broker? Online?

Just looking for a competitive rate with a reliable provider that's reachable.


Why Arizona choosed only gold as legal tender?

Rating: 0 Posted By: fleetwoodmac
Views: 630 Replies: 16

Here is the article

The bill signed into Arizona law by Governor Doug Ducey this week will make gold and silver "legal tender" starting Aug. 9, as many states return to our constitutional roots. The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, "No state shall...make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts

What is going on here? Why are they shy of US dollar?

Discover Price Protection terms: Am I being thick?

Rating: 0 Posted By: doveroftke
Views: 345 Replies: 2

The terms for Discover's Price Protection include this line:
12. Computer components including but not limited to external and internal hard drives, CPUs, power supplies, batteries, DVDs, video cassettes, CDs, audio cassettes, printed materials, or any other informational and recreational media

In your opinion, are books excluded under this? What about textbooks? Audio CDs? AA batteries used to power something other than a computer?

Should I be worried about "identify theft" for a "real property" (i.e. house)

Rating: 6 Posted By: puddonhead
Views: 1197 Replies: 29

Cliff-notes Background:
1. Purchased a house from a guy this February. Very nice, decent guy. He was a programmer (which I consider myself to be as well) for a big insurance company - so was very easy communicating with him and no drama.
2. Turns out, the owner before him (owned the house from 2006-2012) had presidential habits - defaulting on contractors, IRS, inciting lawsuits left and right, leaving enraged customers in his wake and so on.
3. At the time of closing the house, the previous owner had to spend $500 swatting a $26k IRS lien in the name of the owner before him that got attached to the house. At that time, I just thought "poor guy - he is losing $70k on this house in 4 years and now this" and did not pay much more attention to it.

Fast forward to now - I have a persistent irritant in the form of spam mail. Yesterday, for example, I got a letter sent to my address addressed to a business named "Bedbugs Be Gone". From the look of it - it seemed to be yet another collection notice from our State's department of revenue (i.e. State version of IRS). This is not one off. Every day, there would be something like this. I have spoken with my mailman. I just leave them at the back of my mailbox and take my mail. He picks them up next day and returns undelivered.

At the last count - apparently there are 23 different businesses at my address.

So far, so good. No issues. At least nothing that bothers me too much.

I'm worried, however, if there are things like "mechanic's lien", or some other thing that can come back to cause me harm due to some activities of this con-man of a previous owner. Hence summoning the collective wisdom of the Finance forum to see if there is something I "should" be worried, and/or take any proactive steps about.

State is CT.

New UBS Luxury Travel Rewards Credit Card

Rating: 0 Posted By: D4rkK1ngz
Views: 554 Replies: 2

Doesn't seem that amazing at a hefty $495 annual fee but does offer bonus spend in different categories (gas and groceries) than your typical ChaseSapphire Reserve.

  • Earn 3x points for commercial air travel, 2x points for gas and groceries, and 1 point for all other eligible purchases
  • Points are easy to use, with less points required compared to many other rewards programs when booked with the UBS rewards team or on the UBS Rewards website (i.e. book one $900 flight for 50,000 pointsand save up to 40,000 points)9
  • $250 credit for any qualifying air travel expenses
  • Complimentary Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on 12 flight segments per year
  • $100 application fee statement credit for Global Entry, which includes access to TSA Pre ✓
  • Enjoy a premium set of benefits at a unique portfolio of hotels with the Visa Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection6
  • Up to a $700 service credit at Villas of Distinction properties
  • VIP amenities at select Ritz-Carlton properties, Fairmont and Park Hyatt properties

The business insider article mentions a sign-up bonus that ranges from 25k-50k but I wasn't able to find it on the actual UBS website.

Consequences of a disability discharge of student loans?

Rating: -1 Posted By: Gauss44
Views: 501 Replies: 8

A friend of mine has a bunch of student loans from Navient. Some are federal; others are private. But he managed to get on Social Security Disability for some medical conditions and think he may have a shot at getting them to discharge his loans due to disability. The catch is that according to Navient, credit report would read, "paid with disability" for the discharged loans. We are talking about roughly $150k as the grand total of all student loans. While his health is pretty bad right now, he would like to go to graduate school should his condition improve in the future. And if he does go to graduate school, he will need student loans to make it through.

The Amex Blue Business Plus Credit Card-20k points after 3k spend, 2x pts on all purchases, no AF

Rating: 0 Posted By: RobL
Views: 409 Replies: 0

A very nice no AF card that earns Amex MR points. The 2x points makes it good for everyday spend.

Original link not working, can copy/paste
Mods: I hope this is not an affiliate link. If so delete.

Did the change to private student loan lenders open up a loophole?

Rating: 0 Posted By: tedteddy
Views: 788 Replies: 15

In California, there is a statute of limitations of 4 years for debt collection. I have 200k in student loans. If I stop paying for 4 years, what happens?

Paypal dispute in sellers favor? This happens

Rating: 1 Posted By: DamnoIT
Views: 746 Replies: 5

So I have heard the endless horror stories about how as a seller you are pretty much at the mercy of a buyer for some time but I thought I would share a recent win I had. A couple months back a item worth around 100+ was won and I shipped it within hours to a buyer with 0 feedback then got a alert from eBayabout 8 hours later that the account was suspended for suspicious activity. I did what I was told and requested an intercept (would cost me $20 worth or shipping) and it was granted but USPS still delivered it to the scammer. The worst thing is that the tracking never showed it as delivered. So 2 months later I got contacted from Paypal citing a chargeback or unauthorized use and they were going to look at the package and tracking on it then make a call. Well 5 days after that past they actually ruled in my favor. I did ship to a confirmed address and paid for shipping all within paypal. I was surprised I wasn't out the $100. Moral of the story may be wait at least 24hours to ship in case they flag accounts so you can avoid the trouble.

About 1 year ago I also had a chargeback request from paypal in regard to a phone with a bad ESN that had a clean one. They kept telling me to refund and I balked at that when I reached out to the cell provider and showed receipts in the dispute. I responded timely and thankfully the person who started the claim didn't continue to lie otherwise I think I would have had to pay out.

Gardner Museum Doubles Reward For Stolen Artwork To $10M

Rating: 0 Posted By: tuphat
Views: 427 Replies: 3

Maybe someone on FWF knows something?Sure beats bank bonuses, MSing, etc.*

From press release: "The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museums Board of Trustees announced today that it is doubling its reward from $5 million to $10 million for information leading to the return of 13 works of art stolen from the Museum in 1990. The increased offer is available immediately and expires at midnight on December 31, 2017."

Background & more at:

* Clarification: I think of myself at second to none when it comes to chasing bonuses, rates, etc. Just saying that $10m for dropping the dime on someone is pretty enticing.

NVSTR social network for investors - FREE stock shares

Rating: -2 Posted By: tedteddy
Views: 387 Replies: 3

NVSTR is a social network for investors. They are currently giving away free shares of stock here:

They will be opening up the Beta version to the public soon. They have a program that is like the program where the top people will get a huge amount of stock options.

There was a guy who made 20 million off the last program like this through

At what point do I start paying off variable APR student loans faster?

Rating: 0 Posted By: jd2010
Views: 400 Replies: 7

I know the answer is "it depends" but figured I'd put this out there and see if I can get some consensus. With fed hinting at yet another increase in rates, at some point it will make sense to do.

Loan Balance: $67,000
Current Minimum Monthly Payment: $2060
Original APR: 1.9%
Current APR: 2.8%
Time left to payoff: 3 years from original 5 year table
Cashflow after taxes/loan payment/living expenses/retirement funding: +$10,000/yr

401k and IRA get maxed every year.
Total liquid outside of retirement accounts is 50k sitting around in 2.5% 3 yr CDs not doing much, 1 yr til maturity.
Job is in a relatively unstable position lately, if laid off may take a while to find a similar position.
Would like to buy a house ~2020 or when these loans are gone and downpayment is saved, whichever is first.

Im effectively laying 0.3% to stay liquid in CDs which seems fine. How high would rates have to go before it's not fine?

TD Business Solutions Credit Card I didn't ask for

Rating: 0 Posted By: deeder
Views: 394 Replies: 4

Received an email that a TD Business solutions card was mailed out which I did not request. I have a personal TD Bank card.

i checked my credit report for free to see if any new inqueries or cards were added and do not see any. Did anyone get such an email? I am wondering if it was sent in error. The email was sent to my non spam email where others are sent and looks to be official.

Was thinking TD Bank was pulling a Wells Fargo with new accounts being opened without permission or someone was committing identity theft.

Third Federal HELOC - existing customers refinance promotion - OOP 80% LTV

Rating: 2 Posted By: rasheedb
Views: 713 Replies: 2

If you search the Finance forum history, you will see that about 8-10 years ago, many members of this forum got HELOCs from Third Federal. The rate was the main attraction (high balances, Prime minus 1, no floor), but there was no closing/annual fees and sometimes, a bonus reward was available.

As my draw period comes to an end on my 10/10 HELOC, we all know that HELOCs are not as easy to find after the housing meltdown. Definitely the rates are not as attractive as those "good ol days".

I did contact TF customer service to inquire about options to restart the draw line (essentially refinance). Now, it will be YMMV, but I have been offered an option significantly better than what is on the website or bankrate. Here are the general details:

Prime - .01 for <50k drawn
Prime - .76 for >50k drawn
No annual fee, in general no closing costs.

The product offered is now a 10/20 product which is probably better for most.
Still max 80% LTV. Drive-by appraisal.

Basically an extra .5 off for existing customers. Now, in all other states beyond California where they are licensed, you will likely get Prime minus 1. Of course in California, Third Federal is not going to give as good a program.

Closing is estimated to be about two months, and it remains to be seen how well the process works.

Aside from the generally conservative guidelines TF does, they now have online documents/application tracking. The only downside of TF is the not so good online account management tools.


Military Pension (Defined Benefit) value comparison

Rating: 4 Posted By: surferb
Views: 1265 Replies: 15

What would you SWAG the value difference between the following defined benefit (pension) values assuming an average life expectancy? Each amount is pre-tax income that will be provided immediately, roughly inflation adjusted each year. Case 1 represents no new promotions. I could choose to retire at any of those points and probably minimize the months away from family. How much more is $68k/yr starting 5 years later worth than $51k/yr starting now? Case 2 represents a promotion that requires a carefully crafted career path with many hard/crappy jobs (e.g. spend a year away from your family) to be competitive, and is still ~60% (more achievable the "harder" the jobs you volunteer for). That said, $100k/yr pension at 50 is often considered to be the pinnacle career goal.

FWIW, I'm 5 years out and I've done the hard jobs so far, so on track for either path. Right now $51k/yr at 40 is looking pretty appealing, especially with the option for more relaxed jobs during the next 5-10 years. Roughly how much $$ per year am I "giving up" in opportunity cost between the 5 cases? I'll start another career immediately after. I'm not concerned about employability.

Case 1:
40 years old, 51k/yr before taxes
43 years old, 61kbefore taxes
45 years old, 68k before taxes

Case 2: Promotion ~60% chance + crappy jobs

47 years old, 87k before taxes
50 years old, 100k before taxes

Numbers come from O5 or O6 retirement between 20 and 30 years.

Thanks much!

Hardship Withdrawal Question

Rating: 2 Posted By: JaayOkay
Views: 648 Replies: 5


I recently incurred some legal fees and had to take out a loan to cover my first payment. I will likely need to make a second payment soon which I don't have the financial capacity to do and I dont want to take out another loan. Am I able to take a "hardship withdrawal" from my IRA? Its with fidelity in case that matters. If so, how do I do that? Can I just transfer the money to my checking account? Are there tax penalties?


Homeowner's Insurance - Loss of Use, Personal Property, and Other Structures

Rating: 0 Posted By: aaroncook
Views: 646 Replies: 12

I need to renew my homeowner's insurance policy and I think I have too much coverage in 3 categories. I basically just want it for catastrophic purposes where it covers my if something happens to my house and maybe a little coverage for personal liability in case someone gets injured on the property. But my limits are currently $43,300 for other structures, $303,000 for personal property, and $129,900 for loss of use. The only structure surrounding the house is a fence. I only have no more than about $35,000 worth of personal property (including 2 vehicles) and I think rent for one year in my area would be no more than around $20,000 - 30,000 per year. Is there anything that I'm overlooking or should I just request that they remove coverage for other structures and drop the personal property down to $35,000 and $30,000 for loss of use? My premium is not too bad at $345 per year, but I don't like insuring liabilities that I don't have.

Bonus on bank account for a 15 year old

Rating: 1 Posted By: bharatiya
Views: 1351 Replies: 7

I need to open a bank account for my 15 year old and I was trying to see if there is any bank that would give me an opening bonus for opening an account for a minor. My name would be on that account too. I don't care whether the bank is B&M or online. I checked with Chase and they said that they will not honor a coupon for a 15 year old. Any ideas?

Whole house/specific device automatic water leak detection/water shutoff devices

Rating: 10 Posted By: geo123
Views: 2493 Replies: 65

There have been a number of threads that have been posted here over the years that have dealt with potential or actual water damage from leaking appliances, leaking/bursting water heaters located in vulnerable places, burst pipes,etc... Hence, I thought I would start a thread to see what automatic leak detection/water shutoff devices people have installed and their experiences with them.

Since water damage is one of the top causes of large homeowners' insuranceclaims, most if not all insurance companies provide discounts and premium credits on various water leak detection/shut off devices, many of which tie into your security system. Have any of you tried any of these devices?

Just to clarify, I am not talking about the $10 local water leak alarms that simply sound a siren when they detect a leak. I am talking about the ones that tie into you water line and shut off the water to the specific device or to the entire house when they detect a leak, which devices are also the ones that generally qualify for insurance discounts.

For those not entirely clear on what I am talking about, here's an example: Companies generally provide up front and premium discounts on more comprehensive solutions, such as this: Just to clarify, I have no affiliation or experiencewith either of these products and am just linking them for illustrative purposes.

Chase CC 0% for 15 months - Can I transfer CL from other card and get 0%?

Rating: 0 Posted By: Matrim33
Views: 527 Replies: 6

Hi Guys. We want to get new windows at our house. One company offered us 18 months 0% to pay for them. the other has no special financing. The one without financing seems to be a better company. I was thinking about getting a credit card with 0% intro balance and paying with it.

My question is, if I apply for a new card and the limit isn't high enough, will limit transferred over from other cards still get the 0% intro rate? I am looking at the Chase Slate and I have a high limit Sapphire card that I never use. I also have options with BOA as I have 2 high limit cards with them. Thank you.

Any collectors here?

Rating: 6 Posted By: surferb
Views: 2188 Replies: 62

At serious risk of being flames sprained... Does anyone here collect anything of significant value? There are always better uses for money, but wondering if anyone from this financially saavy group has a hobby (or business, I suppose) collecting stuff (antiques, coins, stamps, cars, etc). Seems better than drinking.

Budget advice? Collecting interests?

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