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Travel Deals

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Global Rail Pass in Europe

Rating: 0 Posted By: hobo916
Views: 438 Replies: 1

A family member will be spending 4 months in Europe studying abroad and is thinking of buying a 3-month Eurail Global Pass for about $1,270. She plans to travel most weekends she is there and also during her 10-day Fall break in October, but as of today her itinerary is up in the air. Any one with recent experience on this? Is it worth it? Would it make more sense to buy the train tickets there on the spot? Thanks.

Anyone know a good, small, wheeled, laptop bag for travel?

Rating: 0 Posted By: InFlamed
Views: 1420 Replies: 7

It appears that Allegiant has the most stringent policy for a "personal item" aka "free carry-on" at 16x15x7. I know many online dimensions are bigger than stated. I would prefer something wheeled, but know I may have to sacrifice. What can I get to avoid the fees where ever I go? Thanks.

Stranded by multiple cancelled flights - do I have recourse?

Rating: 0 Posted By: kcurtit
Views: 1499 Replies: 7

We flew into JFK airport two days ago for our connecting flight to Chicago. The flight to Chicago was delayed long enough that the crew timed out and they could not get a replacement crew. So that flight was cancelled and we had rebook and the next available flight was out of LaGuardia to St. Louis the next the next day. Took a taxi to a hotel near LaGuardia and the next day there was some rain in the morning that delayed some flights. Our evening flight out of LaGuardia was cancelled again and they blamed the weather but at the time of our evening flight the rain at LaGuardia had long passed and the weather was clear at both LaGuardia and St. Louis. The weather excuse was bogus at this point as it was then a scheduling issue. So we had to rebook again and the next available flight was the following day out of Newark, New Jersey. So after a 3 hour ride to Newark we have to get another hotel room. Now there is bad weather in our destination city and we fear we are going to be spending the night in Denver(our connecting city) again. Do we have any recourse? If we get delayed again this will be a three day delay. We are already $600 in extra expenses.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Rating: 0 Posted By: marshmellobbq
Views: 2150 Replies: 13

Hello Fatwallet Family,
I'm taking my family to Southern California on vacation for two weeks. We did a Disneyland package deal with 4 tickets, 2 days at the park and hotel for 2 nights for a total $1200 (which I was happy with). We are also planing a Universal Studios Hollywood visit too (on a Monday), but we cannot find any deals on-line. We will be there on the 14th.
Does anyone had anyUniversal Studios deal suggestions (to keep my wallet FAT)?

best way to go to downtown from toronto airport

Rating: 1 Posted By: cli168
Views: 1640 Replies: 3

i will be arriving at the Toronto airport after mid night. whats the best way to get to downtown toronto? taxi, uber? ttc/subway?

Sports equipment now flies for $25 (or free) on Alaska Airlines

Rating: 0 Posted By: shank
Views: 1738 Replies: 4

Shot against the bow of the sacred Southwest's "Bags Fly Free" mantra, who charges $75 for bicycles, surf boards, other oversized / overweight sporting goods equipment allowed on Alaska Airlines for $25 includes:

  • Archery
  • Bicycles
  • Boogie boards
  • Bowling
  • Golf Clubs
  • Skis/Snowboard
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Hockey/Lacrosse Equipment
  • Pole Vaults
  • Scuba Equipment
  • Skateboards
  • Surfboards/Paddleboards
  • Windsurfing Equipment

Additionally, as an added benefit for our MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold, MVP, First Class, and Club 49 guestssporting equipment that was previously charged as oversized/overweight now counts towards their free checked baggage allowance. The same applies for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card free checked bag.

Overweight fees will still apply if the packed sporting goods cases contain other items that make a case too heavy.

Airbnb, any opinions?

Rating: 0 Posted By: forbin4040
Views: 2301 Replies: 10

Going to travel next month,
Was going the option of Airbnb, vs Hotel.

1) Kitchen
2) Cheaper
3) Free internet (Sigh)

Has anyone had any real issues with using Airbnb lately?

I'm just hoping I didn't make a mistake. The person I am renting from only has 8 reviews (All but 1 good)

Belle of Baton rouge hotel and casino never again

Rating: 0 Posted By: pokerran
Views: 4140 Replies: 6

Belle of Baton rouge hotel and casino Baton Rouge LA.
Stayed ther for 3 days. never ever again place is very musty smell dirty old. rooms are small you have to step over to close the door to even get to the bath tub which is small. There is anities in the rooms.. NO COFFEE POT You must leave room walk down the hall down elevator acroos lobby to find a pot of free coffee. BUT wait you must go to the gift counter to show your room key to prove you are a hotel guest just not walking in off the street. If you forget you will get hollered at across the room that you have to prove your are a guest with people laughing at you (this happened to me) told oh sorry . Casino is a long walk small crowed very smoky Over all this is just not my opinion check their reviews

Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

Rating: 0 Posted By: FutureDilemma
Views: 6482 Replies: 11

Travel Essentials.Things inside your bag

Rating: 0 Posted By: stevesmith42
Views: 2569 Replies: 5

Aside from your travel documents and money what is your travel essentials when traveling outside the country?

Most cost effective way for rental car when you don't know itinier

Rating: 0 Posted By: Fronty
Views: 3825 Replies: 4

I need to book a rental car, but I do not know full details of the trip. There are things that may happen during the trip that will influence my decision. One of my friends tried to make a change during the rental period and was asked to pay a hefty fee to add a day.

I need to rent a car in a different city (airport). I will be driving it 80 miles away to meet a family member. I do not know how many days I will stay there.

I dont know if I will be returning to the airport, so I don't know if I need to book a different drop off location.

I'm mainly concerned about fees if I change the number of days or the drop off location. Is it better to just book the car for longer and then return early?

Check in time for QATAR airways in ATL airport

Rating: 0 Posted By: ilan999
Views: 2427 Replies: 5


I am planning to fly on Qatar Airways from ATL airport in the Evening. I will have to drive over 5hrs to get to airport. I have 2 questions regarding check in and parking. Members who have flown on this flight please respond.

1. Have you check in your bags early in the morning e.g. 9:00 AM of the day of travel and get your boarding pass for the evening flight i.e The counter open(looks like there is only one flight a day). Other airlines like Delta, the check in counter is always open as they have many flights all day.

2. Need parking for 28 days. Is there cheap parking around airport or other consideration.

Thanks for all the response.

Thailand/Vietnam Tour Guide

Rating: 1 Posted By: JD94
Views: 3043 Replies: 4

Hi guys,

I am going to Thailand and possibly Vietnam in July. Looking to find a local inexpensive tour guide preferably gay friendly. Any suggestions?

Where to find best airfare deals to India?

Rating: 1 Posted By: stevesmith42
Views: 3477 Replies: 4

Where can we get best airfare deals to India from USA

Save 16% on select hotel stays AC

Rating: 4 Posted By: johnadamthegreat
Views: 2875 Replies: 2

Save 16% on select hotel stays AC Use this promo code SUNSCREEN

Minimum stay: none
Book by June 25, 2017, travel by December 31, 2017


Rating: 2 Posted By: 1hotmama
Views: 3711 Replies: 10

As a local, things have changed in Las Vegas. The biggest change is that you now have to pay to park your car at all Cesars, MGM, Cosmop[olitan properties. Wynn, SLS and Tropicana still have free parking.
Do you want to have a buffet that won't break the bank? Try Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch or the M.
Want to do some sightseeing? Go to Hoover Dam, Red Rock National Park, St. George State Park, even the Grand Canyon.
Remember what Steve Wynn says: "The only way to really win at a Casino, is to own one."

How to use the Delta voucher for $500

Rating: 0 Posted By: bharatiya
Views: 3146 Replies: 8

I have a voucher from Delta for $500 that expires end of July. I need to book a ticket before that and use that voucher. I really don't have any vacation plans right now. So what would be the best way to use that voucher?

Best place to book cruises?

Rating: 0 Posted By: Greatness
Views: 5730 Replies: 11

What are some great ways to book for cruises? It seems all the major travel sites have the same prices and bonuses. Even Costco travel is offering the same. Am I missing other ways to get a better deal or better bonuses?

Thank you.

REQUEST Planning Italy Trip in 2018

Rating: 0 Posted By: thackermtn
Views: 4382 Replies: 7

Next year is me and my wife's 15th wedding anniversary, and it's always been our dream to travel to Italy together. I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks there in college, and it was my favorite country that I've ever visited! Here's the info if anyone can offer suggestions on where to look/book!

Dates of Travel: Our anniversary is in March 2018 but we'd be open to traveling January through August.
Departure City: Raleigh, NC; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta
# of People: Just 2 of us (I'm 38 and the misses is 37) kids
# of Nights: 7-10 nights
Trip Budget: 3-4k
Activities of Interest: Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, etc. (My wife is a historian)

Any help in making our dream come true is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


Rating: 25 Posted By: riaesq
Views: 115188 Replies: 41

UPDATED 11/10/10
My FAQ for the Car Rental Thread, trying to cover more angles than the other one. This is the first draft, still subject to revisions as I think of them. In an effort to keep from having to repost the same info repeatedly, I suggest we point to this for all new requests that fail to show any homework. Hopefully, it'll become a sticky. In the works- a short list of safe, reliable codes.

NOTE: this is NOT the correct thread to ask for deals on cars. Those should still go on the Matrix thread (

1) How to ask for help. When posting a request, be sure to give all the pertinent info: type of car you would prefer (and what you might settle for); dates and p/u times (along with how flexible you may be on this, and remember there isn't much of a grace period nowadays and that extra hour may cost a LOT) and WHERE you will be picking up and dropping off. Also, you MUST post a bare minimum of 3 codes and companies from the Matrix thread you have already tried (preferably something you can qualify for) and what the results were for each, including fees and taxes. Glance at the first page of the thread and thoroughly review the most recent 5-6 pages to see what's working well lately and what topics are under discussion This way, we don't re-create your work; your post may help someone else; and perhaps you will have learned something valuable doing your homework. Remember that this is all volunteer and it's just as much work for the old-timers to plug in the numbers as it is for the newbies. You must make an investment of time if you want to save money.-- pretty much like with everything else.

2) Flexibility. The more you have with your dates, times, and type of car you will accept, the better your deal power. Need a car from Tues to Thurs? Insisting on an SUV for that mountainous Florida excursion? Must have a convertible? You limit your options for a cheap rental. Short-term midweek rentals make you a business-class renter, the RAC's meat and potatoes. There is little incentive to offer you a deal. It will cost them more to turn the car over than they will make renting to you.

Unless you have saved up some reward points or days, your best bet for these cases may very well be Priceline or Hotwire. Refer to bidding educations sites like betterbidding, biddingfortravel, and tripducky to see what kinds of bids are being accepted for your approximate dates. Remember that if you use an opaque, there is a good chance you will lose the perks of your loyalty program (ie, Emerald Aisle, miles, free drivers, upgrades,etc) so that is one of the opportunity costs of the savings; and, of course, you don't get your money back if your plans don't work out, so don't lock yourself in too early.

Timing is important, so if you can be flexible here, that can work to your advantage. Usually weekly deals are available for a rental of 4 days + 1 or 2 hours. It may be worth it to play with your p/u and drop times to snag a weekly deal and use a weekly coupon on top of that. HOWEVER-- don't try to beat the system by dropping off early on a weekly deal. You could wind up paying the walk-up rate at $$$$$.

3) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE ONE BEST CODE". If there were, the Matrix thread would be one page long. A corollary to this is that there is no "best price" or even "average price" for any particular car or date or area. The "best price" can only be judged in relationship to what everyone else is charging at that moment, in that place, for that type of car. Prices in the RAC biz fluctuate literally minute to minute depending on Supply and Demand; it's all constantly re-computed, so don't even try to understand it. Which leads to the motto -- WHEN YOU SEE A GOOD DEAL, BOOK IT IMMEDIATELY. Why would you hesitate as long as no prepayment is necessary? Blink your eye and it could be gone- we see that happen over and over again on the matrix thread. Continue to hunt for a better deal, if you have the time and energy; and when you find one, book it FIRST and then cancel the old one. Cancelling is a courtesy and a CYA that should be extended so that others may still get deals on cars and so that the industry will allow us to continue to book without prepaying- a luxury in the travel biz that applies to no other venues.

4) If you are going to use a code you that probably wasn't intended for your use ---say, State of FL Employee, or Red Cross, or Military personnel-- I suggest you don't, at least, not til you've exhausted other possibilities. Try other, safer codes FIRST which may very well produce similar or even better deals than the "iffy" ones. Why sweat it at the desk, wondering if you will have to present ID. This goes double if there is insurance included in the code . Many of the codes that include insurance are self-insured thru whatever company made the contract- do you think they won't check to see if you are an employee before paying out on a claim? There are plenty of codes listed that anyone can use. Join whatever's free to be able to use their codes-- you may even get a joining bonus.

ETA 7/7/10-- to prove my point:

Blackhawkfan said:
Topspin14m said:
I have regular Emerald status. They never check anything at National. My buddy gets the carpenter's union discount all the time. He barely knows how to hold a hammer. If you can get the Exec. status card then I am sure that you are good to go.
That's what I thought until my last rental!

I picked up my car at Emerald and drove up to the exit booth with my DL, Emerald Card, and the car's hang tag.

They wanted proof of my qualification for the rate code in my profile!

She ask me to produce an employee ID, but she accepted a business card showing my employment with the company on my profile.

I complained about the hassle and asked what was going on.

I was told that there has been a great deal of abuse of rates being posted online and they are now spot checking for rate qualifications.

In all the years of renting from National, nothing like this has happened to me.

Apparently the purchase of National by Enterprise is resulting in new policies.

I know that in the past National has cancelled out codes that were being abused, but I was never asked to provide proof of qualification at the exit booth.

"i used one of the codes and picked up the car without any issue, but when i returned it they asked for some proof which i didn't have. so they are now charging me for more than triple of the original rate. i'm still disputing this with my credit card company but am doubtful if i can win."

This was with Avis State of FL code, and if you follow the Matrix thread, you will learn that the poster was not successful with the credit card company. The poster was probably flagged sometime during his/her trip in a crackdown on fraudulent code use and was shocked at dropoff to learn tbere was another $250 being charged.
Most of the contracts mention something about being "subject to audit".

naveenee221 said:
Hello guys i need a Help, i used TX720 coupon for car rental,and accident occurred and the enterprise people sent me a letter saying that talk to the respective insurance company if they pay it is fine ,if not i need to pay,can you guys please help me regarding this,i am in big trouble.

(This code is for employees of University of Texas)


5) Insurance is a whole separate topic. Check your coverage thru your own insurance company and your credit cards, and consider investigating AMEX's policy, which is much cheaper than buying thru the RAC. See the other stickied thread for more discussion.

6) Consider whether you will be needing an additional driver. You may have to pay a daily fee of up to $10 or more for the privilege OR you may be able to get that for free. Policy will vary by company, state, and code. CA and NV don't charge for spouses driving. Budget doesn't charge for spouses; National won't if you are an Emerald Club member; and Hertz won't if you are both AAA holders. Alamo's WalMart code will include almost anyone for free. These are just some of the variations.

7) More reasons to join the loyalty clubs- advance emails of deals and coupons; better likelihood of an upgrade; opportunity to earn free days (this can be valuable on pricy one-ways!); quicker escape with your car.

8) If you have a larger group to transport and multiple drivers, consider renting two smaller cars. ( this goes back to #1, flexibility). When minivans and SUV's are at a premium, it can save you more than half the price and give you more freedom besides.

9) One-way rentals can cost BIG $$$$. Join promotions for free days (like National's 1-2-Free) and save them up. Consider seasonal relocational deals, especially into Florida in late fall and out of FL in mid-spring. "Drive out specials" can be had dirt cheap post- spring break into late spring/early summer. Also, an understanding of how different companies price them can be handy. Some companies will charge a drop off fee of as much as $600 or more. Others, especially National, will build the fee into the daily charge. When that is the case and your travel plans permit, consider multiple reservations: one for the days you will be driving locally, and one for the days you will be traveling to the new location.

A car is not always the most economical means of transportation for one-ways. Consider other options.

10) International and long term rentals-- we don't seem to get a lot of input with these special circumstances here so far. Both of these could probably use their own FAQ's.

Common Sense Summary

Check the RAC sites for specials- there's usually a tab.
Put your codes and your coupons in the correct boxes on the page.
Check back often, both on the Matrix thread and on the RAC sites
More flies with honey- be nice here, say thanks when someone helps you, be polite to the rental agent. It goes a LONG way towards an upgrade or whatever else you'd like.

Official Travel to India- version 2.0a

Rating: 37 Posted By: sensia
Views: 462110 Replies: 3321

As the fellow FW travelers noticed, the original travel to India thread reached an enormous length since I started the thread in 2006. the thread would have never reached this much popularity without the gracious help from "PatelforIndia". Now it is time to make a cleaner and leaner thread, so that most people will find it easy to gather information. I hope posters would maintain the sanity of this thread by refraining from asking "price quotes", as no one can possibly give you a travel quote in an open form, due the unpredictable nature of airline pricing. So PLEASE DO NOT ASK PRICE QUOTES for your trip, if you need help with that, send email to a travel agent or simply call. Remember, our motto is to have a thread which will provide useful information on travel deals to India.
PatelforIndia wrote a very helpful post here which I wish everyone should read.
I have borrowed much of the OP from the original post; below is a list of travel agents who were quoted by several fellow members as decent set of travel agents who are specialized in our subcontinental destinations. A hefty list of agents/phone numbers are listed in the previous thread, so kindly check back the first post of the old thread as well- but be warned that some of those numbers and email IDs may no longer work.

Mudra Travels
FatWallet PM: PatelFromIndia
Phone 614-818-2783

(excellent service, and CHEAP. In most cases payment can be made by credit card)

Mitra Travels
12375 Bissonnet St # 41, Houston, TX
(281) 530-3000
(excellent fare but service is very scary. You have to cross your finger for a long time after paying for tickets, send my paper ticket by regular firstclass mail; ticket fare can be paid by credit card without any additional fees in most cases)

Trade Wings Travel
2611 S 90th St, Omaha, NE
(402) 399-2004
(Usually gives very good rates from midwest, thru Northwest/KLM)

Vati Travels Website
206 W College, STE #4,
Carbondale, IL 62901
Telephone: 618-549-9214
fax: 618-549-9215

Stanmore Travels
11616 Queen Nicole Terr,
Germantown, MD 20876
Phone: 240-422-2353
FatwalletID : ramkyk

Shalom Travel and Tours Inc.

List of agents I have not dealt with:-

Relaxtrip Travel
46708 Flicker Ter
Sterling, VA 20164
Ph:703 444 2526
Contact person: Manju

Easy Travel Inc.
7191 Camelot Drive
Canton, MI 48187
Toll Free:1866-51-INDIA
Fax: 1866-908-6663
(FW username garysingh)

Alanita Travels Website
87 Common Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Tel: 617.254.8045
Fax: 617.923.4821

One of the highly recommended agents. You can contact them by email but a quick phone call is the best way to communicate.

Highfly travels Website
1897 Woodbridge Ave., Suite 10
Edison, NJ 08817
Tel: 732 985 5855

A-ONE TOURS & TRAVELS (unprofessional, at least in my experience)
2341 W. Devon Ave,
Chicago, IL 60659
Ph 773-274-6969
Fax 773-274-2898
One Irving Plaza
415 E Airport Freeway
Suite# 380, Irving TX 75062
(972) 256-2200
(972) 252-4454

Another big travel agency specialized in India/Pakistan tours. According to many posters here, they are as good as Alanita, but once again I don't have personal experience.

Fly4less Website
Globetravels Website
Makemytrip Website

Black listed agents
1. Azure Travel Bureau Inc., contact name, Mr. Ravi Kohli .
47 West, 34th. Street, Suite # 409,
New York, NY 10001 Ph : (212) 239 1999
Number of complaint#1 from user dluxarun

EZ world Travel as reported by user sasa12

Alanita Travels,
as reported by dixitsantosh.

Best time to travel
Here is what I found from Alanita's website about seasonal fares:-

Jan 17 2005 to May 08 2006 (Low Fare)| May 09 2006 to May 31 2006 (Medium Fare)|
Jun 1 2006 to Jul 12 2006(High Fare) | Jul 13 2006 to Dec 10 2006 (Medium Fare) |
Dec 11 2006 to Dec 27 2006 (High Fare) | Dec 28 2006 to May 08 2007(Low Fare)
The fare database above is approximately followed by other airlines too.

Another detailed pricing trend from fly4less:-

USA to India Travel pattern What's happening Suggest booking
------------ -------------- ---------------- ---------------
01Jan - 15Jan =========== Overspill from winter holidays by mid Nov
16Jan - 31Jan ======== Slowing down by mid Dec
01Feb - 15Apr ====== Slow Jan onwards
16Apr - 10May ========= Pre summer travel picks up Feb onwards
11May - 31May ========== Start of Summer Holiday rush Feb onwards
01Jun - 10Jun ============ Summer rush picks up before Mar end
11Jun - 15Jul ============ Peak summer travel before Mar end
16Jul - 31Jul ========== Continuing Apr onwards
01Aug - 15Aug ======= Slowing down May onwards
16Aug - 31Aug ===== Slow Jun onwards
01Sep - 15Sep === Low fare rush May onwards
16Sep - 10Oct ===== Slow Jun onwards
11Oct - 15Nov ========== Diwali travel Jul onwards
16Nov - 30Nov ============ Thanksgiving Holidays travel Jul onwards
01Dec - 10Dec ============== Low fare rush before mid Jun
11Dec - 15Dec ============== Winter Holidays rush begins before mid Jun
16Dec - 24Dec ========= Peak winter travel before mid Jun
25Dec - 31Dec ===== Low fare rush before Jun end

India to USA Travel pattern What's happening Suggest booking
------------ -------------- ---------------- ---------------
20Aug - 08Sep ============= Peak summer return travel by mid Mar
20Dec - 10Jan ============= Peak winter return travel before mid Jun

Also, please post your itinerary and paid $$$$ for the plane fare so we can have a good idea of the current fares/promotions. Also, as we reorganize/rewrite this thread, please send me your input to make it a better thread. More changes will come soon once I am off my vacation.

FAQ: How to find the best hotel deals

Rating: 26 Posted By: lkas
Views: 131973 Replies: 43

Since the original hotel deals FAQ has disappeared, heres one I put together for FW to use before posting any requests in Travel Deals.

This is to supplement the FatWallet Travel Deals FAQs. Please also refer to the FAQs/Guidelines.

Before posting a new topic requesting help on the board, please make sure that you conduct a SEARCH to make sure that it has not been covered previously.

If you are seeking assistance in planning a trip, please include ALL of the following information:
a. Make sure you begin your Title with REQUEST - For example, REQUEST Need cheap air/hotel package to Vegas from LAX in Oct
b. Dates of travel
c. Departure city (and airports)/destination
d. # of people (adults/children) (if children, you may wish to include ages)
e. # of nights
f. Approximate budget for your trip
g. Activities that interest you
h. WHAT YOU HAVE FOUND SO FAR IN YOUR RESEARCH. Please include complete prices (incl all taxes and fees) and where you have located the deal.

Please DO NOT post a new topic until you have done the items listed above. Finally, once you have posted your information, and received feedback from the community for your trip, please try to post a message indicating the details of what you finally ended up purchasing so that others may benefit.


FW Info Threads

Best Hotel Rate Guarantees

Las Vegas Promos List

Las Vegas Front Desk Tipping

Travel Guides to Popular Destinations

Hotel Search Tools


HRS (good for European hotels)

Hotel Deals & Other Search Tools (lists hotel specials and packages & offers a weekly travel deals email) (offers last second deals on hotel + airfare and hotel + car packages) (hotel price comparison website) (hotel price comparison website)

BookIt (offers hotel and vacation package auctions be sure to factor in the taxes and service charges!) Vacation Rentals By Owner (Las Vegas deals) (Las Vegas deals)

Opaque Booking Websites (PL & HW assistance) (PL only)

When using Pricelines name your own price for a hotel, research on betterbidding or biddingfortravel BEFORE bidding on Priceline!

Pricelines name your own price and Hotwires limited rate are non-refundable reservations. Priceline might grant you a one-time exception should you make an error. If they do, they will charge a $25 penalty and will require you to correct your error by bidding again.

Priceline guarantees bedding for 2 people, not the type of bedding (king/two queens).
Note that some hotels may only fit 2 people in a room according to fire code regulations.

Hotwire allows you to select more than 2 people when making a reservation.

Also note that Priceline & Hotwires total price does NOT include any resort fees which must be paid directly to the hotel.

Hotel Reviews & Travel Information (hotel reviews & traveler photos) (online database of hotel rooms)

0rbitz Blog

Hotel Rewards Program Info (lists hotel point promotions)

REQUEST - Cheapest 1 day car rental in Spain

Rating: 0 Posted By: passingout101
Views: 17952 Replies: 4

ok, so I plan on going to Spain. And it is much cheaper for me to fly to Madrid and then drive to Merida. Ticket to Madrid is $450, ticket to closest airport to Merida is about $950, so that is enough of a difference that merits a car rental.

One one site, I did the "search for flight with rental" but it had to be a round trip flight. I simply did it to get an idea of how much a rental for one day would be and it had come out to be about $24 dollars a day.

But then I was on another site and cheapest I have been able to find for a 1 day rental is $86 dollars, which to be honest is pretty expensive compared to rentals here in the USA for one day.

So, is anyone aware of a 1 day rental spot that would be cheaper then $86? Not to mention, I do not even recall which site I found that on.

The distance is 358KM, but that doesnt take into account wether I get lost or not.

So, Madrid to Merida on the 28Th of Dec.
Edit by Moderator: Thank you for your participation. Please note that there is also discussion about this topic Here.