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Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

Rating: 0 Posted By: FutureDilemma
Views: 2403 Replies: 10

Travel Essentials.Things inside your bag

Rating: 0 Posted By: stevesmith42
Views: 978 Replies: 5

Aside from your travel documents and money what is your travel essentials when traveling outside the country?

Most cost effective way for rental car when you don't know itinier

Rating: 0 Posted By: Fronty
Views: 1694 Replies: 3

I need to book a rental car, but I do not know full details of the trip. There are things that may happen during the trip that will influence my decision. One of my friends tried to make a change during the rental period and was asked to pay a hefty fee to add a day.

I need to rent a car in a different city (airport). I will be driving it 80 miles away to meet a family member. I do not know how many days I will stay there.

I dont know if I will be returning to the airport, so I don't know if I need to book a different drop off location.

I'm mainly concerned about fees if I change the number of days or the drop off location. Is it better to just book the car for longer and then return early?

Check in time for QATAR airways in ATL airport

Rating: 0 Posted By: ilan999
Views: 963 Replies: 5


I am planning to fly on Qatar Airways from ATL airport in the Evening. I will have to drive over 5hrs to get to airport. I have 2 questions regarding check in and parking. Members who have flown on this flight please respond.

1. Have you check in your bags early in the morning e.g. 9:00 AM of the day of travel and get your boarding pass for the evening flight i.e The counter open(looks like there is only one flight a day). Other airlines like Delta, the check in counter is always open as they have many flights all day.

2. Need parking for 28 days. Is there cheap parking around airport or other consideration.

Thanks for all the response.

Thailand/Vietnam Tour Guide

Rating: 1 Posted By: JD94
Views: 1163 Replies: 5

Hi guys,

I am going to Thailand and possibly Vietnam in July. Looking to find a local inexpensive tour guide preferably gay friendly. Any suggestions?

Where to find best airfare deals to India?

Rating: 1 Posted By: stevesmith42
Views: 1525 Replies: 2

Where can we get best airfare deals to India from USA

Save 16% on select hotel stays AC

Rating: 4 Posted By: johnadamthegreat
Views: 1174 Replies: 1

Save 16% on select hotel stays AC Use this promo code SUNSCREEN

Minimum stay: none
Book by June 25, 2017, travel by December 31, 2017


Rating: 2 Posted By: 1hotmama
Views: 1648 Replies: 7

As a local, things have changed in Las Vegas. The biggest change is that you now have to pay to park your car at all Cesars, MGM, Cosmop[olitan properties. Wynn, SLS and Tropicana still have free parking.
Do you want to have a buffet that won't break the bank? Try Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch or the M.
Want to do some sightseeing? Go to Hoover Dam, Red Rock National Park, St. George State Park, even the Grand Canyon.
Remember what Steve Wynn says: "The only way to really win at a Casino, is to own one."

How to use the Delta voucher for $500

Rating: 0 Posted By: bharatiya
Views: 1277 Replies: 5

I have a voucher from Delta for $500 that expires end of July. I need to book a ticket before that and use that voucher. I really don't have any vacation plans right now. So what would be the best way to use that voucher?

Birchcliff Resort - Wisconsin Dells, WI 2-Night Stay- $199 @Groupon

Rating: 0 Posted By: johnadamthegreat
Views: 1685 Replies: 0

Delta $444: Boston Hanover / Nuremberg / Bremen, Germany. Roundtrip, including all Taxes Read more: http://www.thef

Rating: 0 Posted By: johnadamthegreat
Views: 2821 Replies: 3

A good sale to a few cities in Germany. We found availability for about $444 to:

  • Hanover [HAJ]
  • Nuremberg [NUE]
  • Bremen [BRE]

Sample Travel Date:

  • Sample to Hanover
  • September 6th 13th

  • This is just ONE SAMPLE travel date, for more availability, please follow the Fare Availability and How to Search for Availability instructions below

Fare Availability:

  • Valid for travel on the outbound from September October. A 7 day minimum stay is required. Must purchase at least 28 days in advance of departure.

  • Please note that while this fare is valid at time of posting, if this post is more than two days old, the fare is likely gone.

How to Search for Availability:

You cannot buy tickets using ITA. To buy, follow our instructions in the How to Book section below.Fare Class:

  • V

Elite Qualifying Dollars:

  • $278.75


  • BOS CDG (Paris) TXL (Berlin) AMS (Amsterdam) BOS



  • Miles Flown:7,684 miles or 5.8 cents per mile
  • Elite Qualifying Miles:7,684 miles
  • Redeemable Miles:1,393 miles

How to Book:

Best place to book cruises?

Rating: 0 Posted By: Greatness
Views: 3924 Replies: 11

What are some great ways to book for cruises? It seems all the major travel sites have the same prices and bonuses. Even Costco travel is offering the same. Am I missing other ways to get a better deal or better bonuses?

Thank you.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Tip for Check In

Rating: 0 Posted By: Cashman
Views: 2998 Replies: 4

Is this a no-no for the Ritz? I'm trying to get a better room for our upcoming trip and wanted to see if others have done this with any success.

This is in a tropical destination too.

State Department Travel Alert for europe

Rating: 0 Posted By: smokeycatrules
Views: 2919 Replies: 6

The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout Europe. This Travel Alert expires on September 1, 2017. Will this affect plans? It made me think twice about going to France this summer.
Any thoughts?

REQUEST Planning Italy Trip in 2018

Rating: 0 Posted By: thackermtn
Views: 2977 Replies: 7

Next year is me and my wife's 15th wedding anniversary, and it's always been our dream to travel to Italy together. I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks there in college, and it was my favorite country that I've ever visited! Here's the info if anyone can offer suggestions on where to look/book!

Dates of Travel: Our anniversary is in March 2018 but we'd be open to traveling January through August.
Departure City: Raleigh, NC; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta
# of People: Just 2 of us (I'm 38 and the misses is 37) kids
# of Nights: 7-10 nights
Trip Budget: 3-4k
Activities of Interest: Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, etc. (My wife is a historian)

Any help in making our dream come true is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

American Airlines is Cutting More Legroom in Economy Class

Rating: 3 Posted By: FutureDilemma
Views: 3671 Replies: 22

Priceline and Expedia are both horrible now

Rating: 0 Posted By: deeder
Views: 4027 Replies: 16

Back in the old days, Expediawas excellent, Travelocitywas excellent, Pricelinewas good and Orbitzwas decent.

Nowadays due to mergers and acquisitions, these firms are horrible. Incompetent and corrupt players. They make money by huge change fees, avoiding payment to airlines and hotels, making false claims on hotel quality, being low in the queue for rental car and more. Complaints seem to be constant and not favorable in any way.

I used to find Kayak best for domestic pricing straight from airlines. Now the fares are showing up mostly directed fo their partners who are all of low quality.

Google flights and ITA matrix are still good and Hipmunk seems to be good as well. Tried a new one highly rated on app store but it was all quotes from low grade sellers. Very misleading.

Airlines seem to be best way to book tickets depending on what airline you prefer based on choice. These days sticking to an alliance or preferred airline better than before though I am sure people have highly rated local consolidator / agents they know and trust since the trust level on online ones is poor and I don't know of any good online ones at the moment.

American Airlines owned Travelocityand now its fares are essentially on its own website and internal systems. I don't believe their fares are even on search sites anymore but there could be a small few.

Momondo also has fares from lower grade online firms.

Published fares seem to require airline websites more than ever while unpublished requires a quality consolidator agent who is preferably local and someone with recommendation and you trust.

Any recommendations for Destin, Florida area hotels/vacation rentals?

Rating: 0 Posted By: buchanaj28
Views: 2706 Replies: 3

I'm experiencing analysis paralysis trying to come up with the best deal possible on a place to stay in the Destin/Miramar Beach area. We've never been before so I'm not sure of the best places to stay. I don know I'd like to be on the beach or REALLY close. We are flyng into Panama City Beach. It will be just me, my husband, and our teenage daughter.

Any amazing deals to be had or recommendations?


Best Domesrtic US airlines in NYC

Rating: 0 Posted By: deeder
Views: 2755 Replies: 8

In NYC market, Alaska (including Virgin America), Delta, American, United, Alaska Air, Jetblue and Southwest give coverage.

Delta seems to be on a downward spiral as of late with system issues leading to cancelled flights. Alaska is riding very high with a new lounge to be opened at JFK and other airports. American is upgrading their JFK lounge. Jetblue seems to be adding Mint product to additional flighte.

If you wanted to travel in this marketand the route had competition of multiple of these airlines, which one would you choose?

I personally would avoid Southwest and United. Alaska is very nice but too route limited on east coast and internationally. American seems to be the best one size fits all airline. Jetblue has nice product but only single class service and no real lounge or international access.

Southwest seems to be best for value travelers which probably fits the Fatwallet demographic since they probably have lower fees but without the frills,

Where Can I get last minute flights deals from Los Angeles?

Rating: -1 Posted By: stevesmith42
Views: 2533 Replies: 6

I am looking out for last minute travel deals but could not find anything that is suitable to my need. Please can you guide me the best way to get last minute flight deals from Los Angeles.

Rental car in Miami Beach or Uber?

Rating: 0 Posted By: InFlamed
Views: 3301 Replies: 9

I will be going to Miami Beach for 2 day later this month. I will be staying in the mid-beach area. I can't decide if I want to get a rental car or just use Uber. It looks like my hotel only has parking for Valet. The closest meter is 5 minutes of walking. If it wasn't for the everglades tour we want to go to, Uber would have likely been the clear choice. If I do get a rental, how much do you think I will pay for overnight parking?

Any coupon codes for Europcar UK?

Rating: 0 Posted By: wantonsoup
Views: 3099 Replies: 3

I can't find anything. I've got AMEX Gold, but they don't seem to have any codes either. If you know of one, please let me know, thank you!

Car rental in Mexico

Rating: 0 Posted By: fungo45
Views: 3548 Replies: 10

Anyone ever rent a car in Mexico while on vacation? I've been reading up on it and there are either people saying it's easy and others saying it's a nightmare. Seems like there are a lot of scams out there to take advantage of tourists.
From what I read, people advise taking video of literally every angle of the car, inside and out (and underneath). Most of the issues are the companies trying to get you on damages that were already there.
Besides that, any suggestions?

AA flight voucher expiring soon, buy refundable ticket and then cancel?

Rating: 0 Posted By: goku2
Views: 4310 Replies: 12

A friend has an American Airlines flight voucher that is Expiring Apr 2. He doesn't have any plans on flying anytime soon so I suggested he buy a refundable flight with his voucher with a value that slightly exceeds the value of his voucher, then a few days from now he cancels the flight and hope he is reissued a new voucher or something so he gets another year to decide what to do with the voucher.

Any San Francisco (SFO) to Toronto (YYZ) deals?

Rating: 1 Posted By: mailvips
Views: 3370 Replies: 12

We need to travel first week of August from Bay Area to Toronto for a week. Our preference is non-stop or 1 stop of 1-1:30 hrs max. I looked up Kayak/Google flights, Expedia etc but the cheapest nonstop found was around $775 per person return on Air Canada and cheapest 1 stop was around $550-600 per person return. Is there any other way to save money? Thanks

Electronics larger than a cellphone to be banned from flights from some countries.

Rating: 5 Posted By: burgerwars
Views: 4771 Replies: 23

CNN Link

This does suck. When they include the United Arab Emirates,the thinking is it also assumes connections. Dubai is a huge hub. No guarantees they won't add more countries.

Then there is the question whether this really does improve safety. If one was going to hide some sort of explosive device in their carry-on electronics, is it any harder to do the same checking-in the same electronics? Also, what would be the use of WiFi and workstation areas in airports/airplanes if you have to check that stuff in? Checking in laptops is risky. A highly prized item to be stolen out of someone's luggage like a photographer's expensive camera. That along with important and confidential data people carry with them, and also the fact that luggage is lost and manhandled You could be without your important laptop once you get to a business meeting. It could also be damaged or destroyed. I've got back my luggage after checking it in that ended up looking like it fell out an airplane. I doubt electronics would survive.

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